PG 5 Weeks But No Symptoms

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GL - April 28

Hi ladies, I miscarried Feb 21 and just got pg! so excited but i have not felt different, no sore br___ts or sickness. i feel a bit tired around 3 pm. with my DD i did feel sick. i am so worried i will miscarry. everyone says not to worry but i cannot help it. is this, could this be normal to not have symptoms at 5 weeks?


hcw - April 28

Hi GL - I'm so sorry for your loss in February, but congrats on your new pregnancy! I'm no expert, but I've read it a million places that every pregnancy is different and that many women have no morning sickness at all and few other symptoms too... it's very early at 5 weeks and it may be that symptoms are right around the corner or that you'll be one of the lucky ones who has very little discomfort in the first trimester! Try not to worry too much and just think good, postive thoughts for a healthy 40 week pregnancy! Good luck!!


gemini_star1983 - April 29

Hello GL, congratulations on your pregnancy! I m/c on January 3rd and got pregnant 2 weeks later. I have absolutely no symptoms up until I reached 13 weeks! then i had sore bbs,felt queasy and tired and boy did those cravings hit! I'm now coming up for 4 months (although i look about 5 1/2!!)and everything is you see although its hard try not to worry and enjoy yourself 'cause you'll never know when those sneaky symptoms might strike! take care... Marie. P.S come join us on the Fresh Start thread! oh and i also had extreme morning sickness and tiredness with my DS, so every pregnancy is different..although you'll be fed up of hearing that by now!


Chas - April 29

gemini, that is so cool that you got pregnant right away after m/c. I think my fertility signs are returning. I had a d&c almost two weeks ago, my spotting has finally stopped and my cm has been creamy and some clear. Did you have any signs of ovulation ? How did you know you were pregnant ? when you didnt know when af would arrive ? any help would be appreciated, as I am wanting to ttc again soon !


gemini_star1983 - April 30

hello Chas, I had the fertile cm, felt really hot, and had ovulation a burning pulling sensation.i had been writing down how i felt each day like sore bbs,tired,sick etc...i also spotted a little a 7 days after my conception date...brown/red cm suppose it counts as implantation bleeding. then i tested on the 10th and got a v.faint positive then it was a full b__wn BFP by the 16th! (6 weeks after m/c) confirmed by a midwife! i was teary also but i put that down to greiving.i didnt have any signs of af coming at all so i waited the 6 weeks and did a test! hope this helps! Marie.


GL - May 1

thank you so much girls! hcw - i have heard that some women don't have symptoms but after the mc - i just think my levels must be low or something. i must try not to worry & enjoy the fact i am actually pregnant! Marie - l love your name by the way, thanks for your insight also. congratulations on your pregnancy! there is nothing better! you got pregnant so fast! my doc said to wait a month so we did, but then it happened the next month. i was so happy because i am 39 years old and it can take longer when you are old like me (oh dear). i don't feel old, i think being pregnant makes anyone feel younger and more alive. i was so relieved to hear you didn't have any symptoms til later on. here's hoping.



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