Pg After M C But Before Next Period

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jenny - March 14

I was wondering if there is anyone who has fallen pg after their m/c but before next peiod. I had a m/c and d&c on 2/14. My husband and I have been ttc since 2 weeks after. I just wanted to know when did you take a hpt? I have no idea when I will be getting af so should i test each week until it comes?


Jess - March 14

I would wait awhile. They say it could be anywhere from 4-6 weeks before you even get your period after m/c and D&C.Since it has just been a month I would hold out until atleast 6 weeks. You might also get a false positive if your hormone level hasn't gone done to under a certain #. I wish you luck if you have gotten pregnant. How far along were you when you m/c? I was what I thought 10 weeks but the baby stopped growing at 7.5. I had a m/c and d&c on 1 week ago today. I have a follow up Dr appt. om the 24 to make sure everything healed ok. We can't wait to start trying again. I guess your Dr. said it was ok to try right away? I've heard so many people that have and carried to full term but the majority out there says to wait a cycle 1st. Anyway, good luck to you and your husband.


Heather - March 14

I had asked the same question... I didn't have a D&C done and am afraid that Dr will try to push on one me. I had a natural m/c (a week ago) and know the sac and tissue was pa__sed so... Dr still suggests waiting 1 cycle but we aren't going to. They usually tell you that mainly for the due date reasons. Since your m/c bleeding doesn't count as a normal period they can't use it to determine your due date. It is just harder. If you are charting your temp and taking opk's then you know when you ovulated. I have a blood test today to see if my hcg's are lowering as they should. Have you had any hcg testing?? If your hormone lvls are still above 100 from the first pregnancy it could give a false positive if you test. Good luck!!! *~*~*~*~


stacey - March 14

I didn't, but a friend of mine did- very possible.



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