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MC - April 14

I had two m/c. Now I'm six weeks pregnant. My first appointment is at the end of the month. Will my doctor do more tests to make sure the baby is all right (because of the two m/c)?? Should I be considered 'high-risk'? What should I expect? What are the differences with the first dr. appointment with a normal pregnancy then with a pregnancy after a loss (or two losses)?? If anyone has been through this and has advice, I'd appreciate it! :)


Tara-T - April 15

First, congratulations are in order! How do you know you're pregnant, I'm guessing HPT (home pregnancy test?). ANY miscarriage is very, very upsetting; two miscarriages can be downright scary (it was for me). I went directly to a reproductive endocrinologist because, in a way, I put MYSELF in a high-risk catagory and knew I wanted close monitoring during the next pregnacy. Depending on your age and other factors (for example, have you ever carried a pregnacy to term?) a doctor may or may not decide you're "high risk." High risk generally has more to do with "diagnosed" complications before or during pregnacy such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or placentia previa (during pregnacy). It sounds to me like you're interested in finding out why you miscarried, which generally cannot be determined just by your regular OBGYN. If you have the resourses, I would recommend a reproductive endocrinologist, if can learn a lot by charting your temps. What you can do, is ask your OBGYN if he/she can closely follow the pregnacy...this means getting regular HcG tests (to make sure the pregnacy is progressing) and progesterone tests. Without knowing more about your situation, it's hard to say much more. Obviously, you'll be getting an ultrasound soon...How far along were you when you had your miscarriages? How far apart were the miscarriages? What is your age range? I wish you the very best of's hopeing "three" will be a charm for you.


Neva - April 16

I wish you the best this time around. Are there any success stories after 1 mc?


amy - April 16

Hi MC.. Congratulations and good luck! I agree w/ everything Tara-T said.. and I have been there's great to hear good news!



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