Physical Losses Of M C

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Nicole - March 23

Hello to all! I've never been in a forum before, but I read some messages and thought I'd join. I found out through u/s on March 9th that my 8 week foetus had no heartbeat, and I had the (painful!) natural loss last Thursday. I am still dealing with it all...I'm wondering about the actual physical losses that you experienced. Last night, when I thought the worst was over, I passed a mass of tissue the size of an apple! Sorry to be so descriptive but did anyone else pass this type of stuff? How do we know it's normal?


JM - March 23

I am very sorry about your loss. I lost my baby on sunday. I have pa__sed the same thing you are talking about 4 times. My doc put me on bed rest, I feel like c___p! I will keep you in my prayers


Heather - March 24

I'm sorry about your loss... Both of you. I had a natural m/c... Yea... OUCH! It was VERY painful. I had bleeding for 5 days. Pa__sed what seemed like 10lbs of clots. I did pa__s the sac and a little bit of tissue attached to it. I had a blighted ovum. Looked exactly as it was described. The only real physical pain I had was the day I pa__sed the sac. After that it was just mild cramps like a period. Good luck to you!!!


bb - March 25

im sorry for your loss but has anyone ever told thery were goint to miscarry and no cramping or bleeding ever accured?? My doc says there is no heart beat im guessing he checked to early and he told me to prepare for the worst. ive been stressen so much thet i dont even feel pregnant any more. pluss this will be my 2 misscarrage in 5 months. help!! any one ever go threw this? should i expect to wake in a pool of blood??


Nicole - March 28

I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. Thanks for all your input, I am glad that all this blood and tissue is normal, I guess it's the beginning of the end...and soon we'll start trying again! :) I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.



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