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Jesse - October 28

My wife has had some bleeding and we are supposed to be at 10 wks. We went in for an HCG test and it came out "Excellent" and indeed higher than normal. We then went in for an ultrasound. They found what looked like two yoke sacs,but only one heartbeat. The heart rate was about 54bpm and the size of the sac indicated only about 6 weeks. We were told that we could be in a miscarriage scenario and the OB/GYN talked a lot about that. We are in a state of constant worry right now and don't know if this is very common. We are scheduled for another ultrasound in a week. Any pointers? Never miscarried before and have no experience.


Emma - October 30

sorry to hear you two are going through this. With such a small sac and low heartbeat it doesn't look great, which is why they would be preparing you for a miscarriage to happen. when it happened to me around 8 weeks, i started bleeding (for the first time i the pregnancy) a few days before the follow up scan. My HCG levels remained very high even though I felt sure my embryo had stopped developing 3 weeks earlier (when I lost symptoms. It also showed up too small for my dates on first scan, and with no heartbeat.) unfortunately this is all very common.


Kennedy - October 30

Jesse--first of all, my heart goes out to you and your wife. I think it's so wonderful that you are being proactive and taking charge of getting answers. I started spotting and so I went to my obgyn and she said that I didn't have active bleeding and the cervix was still closed but after the appt. my bleeding became like a period. If your wife is bleeding like she is having her period, it is most likely that she is going through m/c. Be there for her, kiss her, hug her, tell her you love her. I had extremely painful cramps for 3 days and then finally pa__sed my sac naturally and continued to bleed for about a week. It helps to put a heating pad on your stomach if she is m/c. Good luck and bless the both of you and the little one.


Amy - October 30

Jesse - I'm sorry you both have to go through this. I had an ultrasound when I was about 10 weeks and it showed a sac size & fetal pole of only 5 weeks and I ended up miscarrying soon after. However they never saw a heartbeat on my baby, so that is one positive thing for you. You said "Only one heartbeat" were you expecting two, is this twins? If so it is always possible to lose one twin and keep the other to full term and health. I know the waiting period is rough, I went through that too. Remember that stressing won't change the outcome, that was hard for me to practice when I was in your shoes. Another to take into account is wether or not your wife has very regular cycles. If not, she may have ovulated much later in the month and therefore conception may have taken place later than you thought it did. Also women who are or will miscarry usually lose most of the pregnancy symptoms they were experiencing. This is very common and you guys are not alone. I will be praying for you, good luck and keep us posted.


Amy - November 1

Any updates Jesse? Just wondering how you are both doing. Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.


Jesse - November 1

We had a rough weekend, but no apparent miscarriage yet. Some blood and brownish discharge, but no real cramps to indicate miscarriage. Still the miscarriage has us on high-alert. We are getting many questions about twins and DID see two sacs, but only one heartbeat. I'll update after our next ultrasound on Thursday or if we have new developments. Thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers! We greatly appreciate it! Hope to give better news...


Amy - November 2

Well good luck we will be thinking of you!


Mindy - November 2

Jesse- I had a miscarriage with no cramps or pain. It is different for every women. I do hope everything goes okay for you and your wife.


Jesse - November 3

Well, Had the ultrasound this morning. Showed no heartbeat... By 12:45pm we were in the hospital for a D&C. We just need to figure how to tell our 3yr old daughter. She is very excited to have a baby brother or sister...Thanks for your support!


Jesse - November 8

Does anyone know what the recommended time for "getting back on the horse" is? I think that we are fairly eager and the wait will be difficult...One of the OB/GYNs we saw said that they recommend a 2 month wait to re-regulate... Does this sound familiar?


Emma - November 9

Hi Jesse, doctor advice varies but basically your wife won't get pregnant until her body is ready - that could be in two weeks or in months. Her hormone level has to go back down before she can ovulate, though that can be within a couple of weeks. After a D&C I think they usually recommend no s_x for about 10 days. good luck.



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