PLEASE ADVISE Was This A Normal Miscarriage

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fedup - September 13

I had a m/c in early august, i hadnt had a period since 10th July so i was approx 5-6 weeks. This thing is i didnt really bleed much, i had bad period pains and some spotting, i was sent for a scan and they said there was nothing in my womb and my diagnosis was 'pregnancy of unknown location!!!' they thought it may have been ectopic so sent me for daily blood tests which showed my hormone levels gradually dropping so after a week they said i was fine and didnt need to come back. I still havent had a period since july and im slightly confussed because I never had a proper bleed, it was very light spotting which lasted approx 8 days. Is this normal??? I just assumes that i would know i was having a miscarriage and the bleeding would be quite heavy or at least the same as a normal period but it wasnt. I feel fine but im wondering when my next period will be??? has anyone any experience or info that may help me. Id like to try again but was going to wait one cycle, is there a chance i could get pregnant again before i get my normal period back ???


to fed up - September 13

First of all sorry to hear about your loss.. I am in the same boat as you LMP was July 11 - so Im playing the waiting game too.. from what I have read it can take a month to a few months to have a normal cycle but its different for everyone. I wish I could be of more help..


Liz - September 13

I actually had a d&c at 13 weeks, so my story is a bit different. I can tell you though that when you are that early on, your body actually absorbs a good portion of the tissue. Also, my cycle is normally 24 days. After the m/c the first few cycles were about 33 days. That was a huge difference for me. Now I am 6 cycles after my m/c and only the past 2 have been back to 24-25 days. I hope you get an answer soon, remember your body went through some serious physical and emotional stress. That always effects my cycle. As far as trying again, my doc said to wait at least one full cycle to let my body cleanse but not to worry if I happen to get pregnant. So you may be pregnant, but it is most likely to be your body trying to find its rhythm again. I wish you luck!


kandi - September 13

i had my miscarriag on 30 june. and i bled for about a week before and about 5 days afterwards. i think there is a chance you could get pregnant befeore you get your cycle back. my periods came right on time again and were normal so i was lucky. But i suggest you should go to the doctor, at least they may be able to pin point exactly what is going on. Sorry im not much of a help.


fedup - September 15

thanks guys, i guess il just have to be patient and wait for my body to go back to normal. I have tested so i know im not pregnant again :( i just wish id hurry up and have a normal period!!



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