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loka04 - October 26

I recently missed my period after trying for a baby with my boyfriend, when i tested with 4 tests, all but 1 came back positive. then about 4 weeks after i ovulated and about a week after i tested i came on a very painful period. i just thought it was a little spotting and cramping but my boyfriend suggested that i take another test to makesure i was still pregnant and when i tested with another 3 tests, all came back negative! im feeling depressed now cos i know i was pregnant but now im not! WHY!


Tory1980 - October 26

I am sorry you have had this happen to you. It sounds like what the Doctor would describe as a 'chemical pregnancy' possibly. I had the same thing happen to me with my first miscarriage at 6weeks. You need to go to the Doctor and explain what has happened. If you still have the positive tests I would take them with you. You need it doc_mented in your notes and also incase there is a chance of infection, if the miscarriae is not complete or if you have problems getting pregnant again. For some reason the baby didn't implant properly and that is why you miscarried.


stillmourning - October 27

Chemical pregnancies tend to go unnoticed often because they don't stick for long enough to produce a strong positive. at 6 weeks, it's a miscarriage. Also, miscarriages happen most often not because it didn't implant "properly", but because there was something wrong with the embryo itself. As many as half of all women miscarry at some point in their lives, and in no way does it mean you can't get pregnant again, or even that you will miscarry again. Most women don't miscarry multiple times, though I personally have had 2 miscarriages along with 2 chemical pregnancies. With such an early miscarriage, you should be able to try again pretty much right away.


Tory1980 - October 27

stillmourning, the reason the Doctor told me it was a chemical was because my cycles were 35-36 days long(sometimes shorter and sometimes longer). I couldn't understand it either as I a__sumed most chemical pregnancies would have been put down to heavier AF or being slightly late in starting. He declared me 6weeks going from LMP. I have seen women on other forums charting and getting positives at 10-14DPO (for me I never got a positive before 14DPO) so it is posible to get a positive very early on and then miscarry. It was a__sumed that I had ovulated later in my cycle than expected and my luteal phase wasn't long enough for it to implant properly but long enough to get the positive and my cycle continued as normal. I wouldn't have tested when I did except we had been trying. With my second at 14w4d something went wrong somewhere but the baby was perfect in every way and genetic testing showed nothing.



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