Please Help Don T Know What To Do

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Catherine - March 1

This is my second pregnancy, my son was 10 weeks early from PIH. I am now pregnant with my second child and was told on Monday I had my second ultrasound and there is no baby in the sac, however he wants to repeat the test in one weeks, My due date is October 15, 2005 I should be between 7 and 8 weeks. I would like to know what my odds are that the baby is okay if any? I am just devastated please help.


Karen - March 2

Unfortunately they are normally right about this. But there are of course exceptions, which just confuses everyone. My advice would be - don't do anything in a hurry. If the doc says "no baby, D&C today/tomorrow," wait a while. But keep getting checked for your health's sake, and don't wait too long - maybe an extra week or two after your next appointment. And unless you are actually bleeding quite heavily, don't have the op until you've been checked again on an ultrasound. If you are really concerned, there is a place on MSN for misdiagnosed miscarriages, with some really terrible stories. But most of the women who visit it end up miscarrying, so please don't get your hopes up - just use it to help you make sure that you believe the doctor. After the op, its too late to change your mind or double check.


Ellie - March 2

Catherine, I am so sorry for what you are going through, and I totally understand. When I had my second m/c 2 1/2 years ago, I rushed into a D&C because my young and inexperienced OB seemed so sure that the baby had pa__sed - I didn't even think to question her, or wait, and I had no idea about this site either. Now I'm wondering if I did the right thing, but it's obviously too late for me. You read about a LOT of women on this site who this excact thing has happened to, and then at their next u/s, they finally see the baby. I don't want you to have false hope, but are you sure about your dates? Just try to hang in there and keep yourself busy so you won't be stressing about it until the next u/s. And take someone supportive with you so you are not alone at the appt. I'll be thinking about you and wishing you the best! Keep us informed, k? I'm 8 weeks pg (due 10/11) after 2 m/c and go for my 1st OB visit on 3/7 - I'm terrified of the past 2 nightmares repeating themselves but I take comfort in the various posts on this site and the support of other women who have been there. I'll be sending positive thoughts your way!!


Amanda - March 3

I have heard that sometimes an ultrasound done before 10 weeks, you can't always see the baby in the sac. How did the 1st ultrasound go? But if they retest & don't see the baby again, they will have to run some other tests. Best of luck!


mulgajill - March 3

I agree with Karen's advice... my miscarriages were either before ultrasound was due and most recent on the day of my ultrasound... had stopped developing at around 7weeks.... really i cannot for the life of me see the RUSH to go for d&c if you are feeling ok.... of course on the other hand it can be a long wait if you have early u/s and find baby not growing, could be emotionally very difficult to deal with carrying around a baby that is no longer growing.... Personally i would not go for any early ultrasound.... they really cant tell you much anyway, it is so early... and if something is wrong they can only offer you the magic pill, d&c... my m/c all completed in about a week and had a baby after the first two... and Ellie, your ob was more than likely right, however waiting an extra week or so would have put your mind at ease.... and the m/c may have gone ahead naturally in this time.... it is EASIER for the doctors to book you in right away so as to 'clear the sheet'.... but it is up to the woman to decide if she want d&c or to wait it out for natural m/c ...


mulgajill - March 3

just had a quick look at the misdiagnosed miscarriages site at msn... pretty awesome... though as Karen says, the doctors are usually right..... just something to keep in mind that it is the WOMAN's decision.... of course there is my story... which is more common... every time i had signs of miscarriage i did have a complete m/c .... and taking a support person as suggested by Ellie is a good idea... stops them bullying you into doing something you are not sure of... it is like the salemen that come to the door... sign now! ... i ALWAYS like to sleep on any major decions for a night or two...


Ellie - March 7

Catherine, just checking in on you. Have you found anything out? Thinking about you and hoping you are OK.


April - April 5

I know all these ladies are only trying to help but don't be to hasy to give up hope!! Doctors are wrong all the time!! My friends doctor told her her baby had dies because there was no heartbeat she opted for natural m/c well it never happened, they didn't get a heartbeat until she was 12 weeks pregnant. she is now eight months pregnant with a little boy! I am going threw a similar situation a week ago I went for an ultrasound no hearbeat. I have to wait another week to see what is really going on. I am trying not to worry about it too much because stress can make you m/c!! If your uterus is tipped it could be hiding! until it is big enough to weight enough to slip down. Keep your hopes up!! stress won't help until you know 100% don't do anything!! many people having D&C are oblivious to the fact that there baby was actually still there! go to the web site you will see there is hope and doctors make many mistakes!!


trace - April 6

Don't lose hope completely. My son, now a perfectly healthy four year old, was diagnosed as a blighted ovum. When my hcg levels kept doubling after a week, an additional scan revealed a tiny embryo. The doctor insisted my dates must have simply been off but I was fairly certain I knew when I conceived. I should have been 8 weeks when the sac measured 4 1/2, so we aren't talking a couple of days here. My son was ten pounds at birth, and healthy as could be. Good luck to you!



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