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BRANDI - October 19

I lost my baby on 9/8/2005 at 18 weeks due to fetal demise. I was in labor with her for 15 hours and we named her Selena Marie. I go back for my 6 week checkup tomorrow but I still feel just awful. I think about her everday sometimes all day I find my self writing her name when i'm sitting at work. Some days are better then other days but overall I am just very sad my husband says that my personality has changed that I'm not the same person. All I want to know if there is anyone else that has gone through this am I normal? I have an appointment in two weeks to start seeing a therapist but I am afaird that they will put me on antidepressants.


Erin - October 19

There are therapists who specialize in perinatal issues and recurrent mc. I am going to see one because I have lost three pregnancies this year. If I get pregnant again, I will see her every week. I don't know how I'd get through the first trimester otherwise. I'd be a wreck. Take care. Don't feel bad if you need professional help. Maybe the therapist can refer you to a support group for mc.


lovely bee - October 19

Brandi, i am so sorry for your loss. Let me tell you that you are not alone in this,please read my post "i lost my little boy" you will see that all of us have lost and we understand your pain. Your husband is right you cannot be the same person as you once were, anyone who has lost is never the same, its sad but its true. You are completely normal and it is ok to cry and feel sad , i still do and i lost my little boy 3 days before you. Every mother thinks of her child everyday and you should, your daughter will always be a part of you and thinking about her all the time is perfectly normal it is your way of grieving, and as time goes on and there are times that you will be happy(and you will) please don't feel guilty, you will know that you are finally healing. Don't put a time limit on your pain it will take a long time to heal and a lifetime to understand what has happened, as we all know too well. I wish you the best and if you ever want to talk to another mother that has lost her baby you can always contact me, [email protected] this is a great discussion board and the ladies here are wonderful support group because sadly we all know your pain and will help you in anyway we can.


candice - October 20

i lost my baby boy at 20wks,last month on the 12th.i dont know whats happening to constantly tired,even though i sleep more than i ever have.i just dont have the energy to do anything,nothing interests me anymore.i still cry so much.i had tried for a year to get pg.i know it dosent make sense but i feel so resentful of my sister,who has three beautiful children.i just dont beleive this happened to me.


Brandi - October 20

Lovely Bee thanks for your kind words I have had three previous miscarriages but this one has KILLED me I think it's because I actually had to give birth to her. I chose to look at her even though I couldn't bring myself to hold her. I go back to my doctor for my 6 week checkup tomorrow so hopefully they will be able to tell me something as to what went wrong. I had had no problems in this pregnancy until I woke up on Sept 3 bleeding they saw Selena's heart beating that Friday and Tuesday she was gone.


Brandi - October 20

Candice I totally understand I was invited to a baby shower shortly after I lost my little angle and I couldn't help thinking that it wasn't fair that she got to keep her baby and I didn't get to keep mine. I called her and told her that I wished her all the best but that I was going to be unable to attend. As far as the crying,sleeping and lack of interest that is so me. I am also experiencing BAD anexity as well as panic attacks. This is why I am and I would suggest that you think about therapy we may need help getting through this.



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