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hoping for a boy - February 26

ok here is the deal on dec 26,2006 i found out that i was going to have my third child.. well the worse thing that could ever happen to me happened i went to the hospital on jan 25 i found out that i had lost my third child... on jan 27 i went and had my d&c and on feb 5 I got the ok that i was fine and could go back to my normal life.... well me and my feiancce tried again on feb 18,2007 so my main question is since i never got my period from having my D&c could i be pregnant


stefkay - February 26

hoping, I'm so sorry for your loss...I had my m/c just a few days before yours and I know this is the last place you want to be. I'm not sure on being pregnant again. It looks like it's been 31 days since the procedure which could be counted as day one of a cycle. I don't know what your usual cycle length is or if you chart temps, etc. to check for ovulation. It looks like you tried again about 23 days after the procedure, but it's hard to say if that is when you ovulated (or if you ovulated). Some people will ovulate not long after a loss and others might not. I only knew I did because I chart my temps and check cervical mucous. A step further for me to be more sure would have been to use ovulation predictor tests, but I didn't this last month seeing as we weren't "trying" yet. You could probably take a test just to see at this point. have you tested yet? Good luck to you and lots of hugs :-)


sososleepy - February 26

Hi hoping. I had my mc on 28 Jan, d&c on 29 Jan. I haven't had a period yet. I charted temps and cm and used opk's and I ovulated I think 15 Feb, but it could have been 17 Feb (up .4, down .1, up .6 so either up could have been O). I've been hopeful, using hpt's for 6 days, no positive, no af (Aunt Flow; period). After mc it takes time for the hCG to go down in our bodies, so we still have too much progesterone, and basically we don't O unitl all that drops enough. Different people have vastly different amounts of hCG in a pregnancy, so how long it takes each of us will be different. Mine was 38 on Feb 2 (6 days after bleeding began) but I mc naturally so the baby was probably all ready dead a couple of weeks and the hCG dropping (was over 5000 early on, no tests between). If someone finds out from say an ultrasound instead of bleeding, their hCG would probably be much higher, and every pg is so different you can't tell without testing it. I was going for 3rd too. Bottom line, you might be, you might not be. I found tests at Dollar Tree and I'm their new favorite customer these days. Good Luck! Hope all that babble helped some.


DownbutnotOUT - February 27

I had my missed m/c on May 15 and pa__sed the baby naturally May 19th I was told by my dr to wait at least 3 cycles but instead I got preggers in June and ended up having a chemical pregnancy. i would recommend you wait at least 1 cycle I know the overwhelming sensation to get pregnant right away is great but finding out your pregnant and losing another little baby is worse. take care and good luck



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