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FadingHope - February 11

My home pregnancy test came back positive on Jan 27th, did a blood test on 28th, HCG 675. I did not know when I ovulated, but last time my husband and I had s_x was Jan 5th. So assuming sperm can live up to 5 days, it is at least 4 weeks + 3 days. I was feeling great for the first week and then start to worried as I did not have much pregancy symtoms as time goes by, except feeling hungary, no nausea, no craving. I went for another blood test on Feb 6 and HCG came back 1639, this is about 8 days after first blood test. My doctor did not seem to be worried, but I thought something is going wrong as the HCG seems to be low and did not double. I had a miscarriage in Oct, 2003, also at about 6 weeks, now I am so worried to lose my baby again, I started to feel desperate, I cried a lot even though I tried to be positive. Is my baby destined to fail?


tara - February 11

most likely not. If your HCG level was 675 the first time and 1639 the second time, it's a pretty good's a little over double. Also, the hcg level charts that are out there are only guid lines, just like anything else in pregnancy everyone is different. I also had a m/c in Oct. and got pregnant about a month and a half after that. The only thing I did different was rest a lot more, and put my feet up as much as possible, and no hard work or lifting heavy things. Try to be as relaxed as possible so your possitive energy can focus on helping the baby grow. Trust me, I know how you are feeling right now. I was not completely free of worry untill my 3 months was up and now I worry about the futur. I've taken up prenatal yoga which has helped me quiet a bit on learning how to relax and free my mind...if you can take that where you live i highly suggest it. Just because you had a m/c once doesn't mean it's going to happen again. good luck and keep positive.


FadingHope - February 12

tara I really appreciate your kind words. I woke up this morning and my pregancy feeling are gone, my body is no longer bloated, my b___sts are no longer swollen, I know that my baby is leaving. My body like a machine is slowing down. That is the same feeling before my first(last) m/c, but this time I knew I had unconsciously pushed it this way because I was so distressed and cried a lot. I am feeling so guilty, had I found this forum a few days earlier and come and asked for some comforts, things might have been turned around. I tried my best to not to worry too much untill I saw my 2nd HCG rest result on Tuesday Feb 8. I have learned from many places that HCG should double every 2-3 days under 1200, and the doubling time is 3-4 days between 1200 - 6000. So I thought even my HCG was 1639 over doubled first time, it has been 8 days , so it was way too low compared to what it supposed to be. Though my doctor said everyone could be different, I was totaly defeated by this d__n number. And from Tuesday, I started to lose the pregnancy symtoms, even the day before, I felt my baby was growing dramatically and felt metallic in my mouth for the first time. It is probably too late for me to save my pregancy this time, but I have realized how important a mother's faith can do to the baby. I am writing my story here to tell those who is going through the same anxiety to keep the spirit up. That would really help! Thank you tara for sharing your experiences, I think I know what to do with my next pregnancy. Now I will be waiting to see my doctor again, as I had my 3rd blood test done on Thursday. On that day, when I was asked to fill out a form about the expect delivery date, knowing that it is not likely to happen, I could not hold my tears any more, I buried my face in my hands, sobbing with deep love and guilt to my unborn baby, my heart was broken and life had no meaning to me. But I know I am still young, and I can do better next time, so hope is still there.



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