Please Help Me Before I Do Something Crazy

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Megan - November 20

I believe I miscarried. I had s_x and 8 days later I had brown on tissue when I wiped one time when going to the bathroom. I also had bad cramps for a few days. Then the next day I had the same kind of brown coloring on toilet paper. Then a week later I had bright red bleeding when I wiped, followed by clots and pain shooting up my va___a. Then it went away for the rest of the day. Then I had pink goo along with lots of wet discharge that came and went. I also had a breakout of acne and the veins on my br___ts were like a cobwebs all over. I know I miscarried. Why did this happen?


Megan - November 20



Megan - November 20

Thanks for the help you all. I appreciate it. Is that not what this board is for???????????


um - November 20

ok, your post is all over the place. I have no idea what happened to you. Did you go to your doctor? Did you have a pregnancy test? Did you get your hcg levels checked??? You say you know you miscarried, but there's no answer to why it happened, I'm afraid. I wish I could help you more.


J - November 20

It sounds like you had implantation bleeding (brown) and then a week later you miscarried (red). You should go and get yourself checked by a doctor.


To Megan - November 21

Did you get a blood test to confirm this? You probably should go see a doctor or go to a hospital. Good Luck and God Bless!!


Megan - November 21

Thank you for answering. I thought for a minute that no one wanted too. Thanks again. :) I will go to the doctor.


Melissa - November 21

I think people may not have answered you because you SHOULD HAVE GONE TO THE DOCTOR! I think that is obvious. People do not want to be responsible for telling you the wrong thing. I mean, how in the world did you let all those things happen and all those weeks pa__s without going to your doc? That makes no sense to me!!!!!


Lilu - November 21

Megan... u had s_x and 8 days later you had this happen? It takes 8-10 for the egg to even reach your uterus. I don't think you miscarried. There really wasn't anything to miscarry that soon. Did you take a pregnancy test? If you were pregnant and If this just happened, if u take a test even though u think you miscarried, it will be positive. You should've went to the dr. but I highly doubt you were pregnant and miscarried? Was this the only time u had s_x? all that doesn't really add up.


Megan - November 21

I HOPE THIS BETTER EXPLAINS MY PREVIOUS POSTS: I had s_x and 8 days later I had brown spotting. Two days in a row only one time each day. Along with slight cramps. A week after that which was 15-16 days after s_x, I had bright red bleeding and pain shooting up v____a. Then it stopped and the pink goo came and went, along with bright red and brown again. Back pain and also had veins all over my stomach and b___sts. The veins are still here now but are much lighter. I NEVER had them before. I had dizziness, better, more intense orgasms, bloatedness, sore b___sts and acne out of this world. I would cry for nothing. All the time. Took naps daily, and had a week long headache. I took a test and it was negative. I did go to the doctor and they told me that it may not have registered my HCG since I was miscarrying probably. But my doctor would never do anything other than a urine. I have no clue why, probably because it was a free health clinic. They tend to not care unless the pee stick turns positive. I know my body and I know something was happening. I just know. I wasn't trying nor was I wanting to be pregnant so I wasn't imagining all of this. I was just trying to get some advice on why this happened or support of some kind. Hope that clarifies my situation.


Melissa - November 21

Again, you should have asked for blood work. The symptims may sound like pregnancy, but pregnancy is not the only thing that can have bleeding, cramps. Maybe you had a cyst rupture. Also, I think if you were pregnant, you would not have had all those symptoms so soon. It just sounds very odd to me. 8 days after s_x, I don't think you would have miscarried. It takes a couple of days just for the conception process and then the fertilised egg still has to make its way down and implant. It doesn't sound right to me. But I would be very concerned, Also, you say you had better orgasms. It sounds strange that all this was going on, pain shooting up your v____a, bleeding, goo coming out and yet you were still having s_x? I don';t mean to sound judgemental or anything, but if that were me, I would be in way too much of a panic to be having s_x while all this weird stuff was happening. Also, I don't think I have ever heard of pain shooting up the v____a while miscarrying.


Megan - November 21

Melissa I don't feel the need to explain anything further to anyone on this board. I came here for support and not for mean comments. I had the brown spotting 8-9 days after s_x. Then a whole other week before anything else happened. I didn't feel the best but s_x was good and s_x doesn't take all week to do. I am just saying that the 10 minutes of pleasure I had was very intense. It doesn't even matter. I know what happened. Thanks for your input anyway. I will see a doctor for help. I just thought I could get support here.


Kara - November 22

I know it can be scary when your body starts doing weird things. So it sounds like you started bleeding about 2 weeks past when your period was due? You may have had a missed miscarriage which is where the egg gets fertilized but does not implant. It can cause your period to be late. Most woman just a__sume that their cycle is just a little off. But if you take a pregnancy test at just the right time, you may see a hint of a postive result on a home pregnancy test. Up to 60% of all fertilized eggs do not implant. You mentioned the veins and acne - Have you recently went off of birth control pills? I got those little veins when I went off of the pill. I didn't get big veins until I was almost 3 months pregnant. As for the shooing pain, I have never experienced anything like that with any of my three miscarriages. You should probably have a complete exam with STD screening to make sure your shooting pain wasn't something else, as some diseases can cause some pretty weird things to happen down there. But since you now know that you can concieve, you should definitely talk your Doctor about procecting your feminine health. Best wishes to you.


Melissa - November 22

I wasn't trying to be mean Megan, it's just that coming on a board like this is not a place to get medical advice that should be obtained from your doctor and that seems obvious to me thats all.



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