PLEASE HELP PLEASE Earliest Sign Of Miscarriage

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Funny_Gal_2007 - April 15

Can you get a miscarriage before you even know you are pregnant? I have this pain in my right abdomomen, especially when Im sitting and stand up. Sometimes when I just walk up and down my hall too.. I haev some bleeding of light brown and red, not a flow...when my fiance and I had s_x last night afterwards there was alot of pinkish brown blood on the condom, and darker blood on his shirt (pj shirt, long story). Point is Im so worried, I took a test yesterday too, and it was negative. but i have symptoms (br___t soreness,fatigue,nausea)........whens the earliest sign of a miscarriage?!?! please please help.


Morrison1 - April 15

Funny Gal - first off, I am sorry. I know this stuff is hard and it can be even harder to find people who can relate. Anyway...when was the first day of your last period? I ask because it would have been about two weeks after that, give or take, that you could have ovulated and conceived. From there, it can take anywhere from 6-12 days for the fertilized egg to make it to your uterus and implant itself. Once implanted, the embryo will begin to secret hcg - the hormone that the pregnancy tests detect. So, you could miscarry a fertilized egg anytime after you had conceived, but you would not see a + on an hpt (home pregnancy test) until almost two weeks after that. To top it off, it depends on WHEN you test (usually the day of your missed period or later is best, but you'll find MANY of us on this board that are not so good at following those rules - myself included), and what test you use. Certain tests can detect lower amounts of the hcg hormone and thus can give you a + result sooner than other tests. So, as you can see, there are a number of factors that go into answering this question, but in a word, Yes, you can miscarry before you know you are pregnant...but you would be miscarrying a fertilized egg that never had a chance to implant. You might consider taking either a more sensitive hpt or even a blood test via your doctor. Blood tests detect minute amounts of hcg since hcg hits the bloodstream before it hits the urine. Good luck!


frankschick2001 - April 16

FUNNY GAL: It can be so confusing sometime, trust me, well can relate. I honestly could not say if you are experiendcing an early miscarriage. Could this be just a bad period you are having? Also, do you now or in the past had ovarian cysts? I ask because the sypmtoms for a cysts is very similar to pregnancy or period. Especially if the pain in your abdomin is very centralised. The spotting you have could be implantation bleeding also, and if it is implantation bleeding, then a pregnancy test result would still be negative.


AshleyB - April 17

It depends on where you are in your cycle, but it sounds to me like ovulation pain and spotting. I had horrible achey pains in my left side last time and it was so achey, when I walked or stood up or anyhting, and you can have spotting from o'ing too, I did. So it's been about 2-3wks since your last period, I would say that's definatly what it was. Good luck.



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