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Amanda551 - February 19

Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone could give me a bit of advise, I should be 7 weeks pregnant today, I had a scan on Friday and the doctor said that he could just about see the sac and jusging by the size I would only be 5 weeks pregnant, My last period was 2nd January, I had a miscarriage in June 2005 at 18 weeks, I can't understand how I could only be 5 weeks along as I have known for 2 weeks that I have been pregnant, If I was 5 weeks then that would mean that I have known from I was 3 weeks pregnant which just dosn't make any sense, I mean I did not do a test until my period was 2 days late which would have made me 4 weeks and 2 days, Please advise as I am a little confused Many thanx Amanda


Kara H. - February 19

Could it be as simple as you are counting by last menstral period while he is dating by ovulation?


parkermegan - February 19

That would make up for the 2 wk difference. I would call and ask my dr exactly what day he was counting from.


Susan W - February 20

I bet that's it too.


Amanda551 - February 28

my scan is this thursday, 1.5 days to go so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The doctor was kinda suggesting that it was more than likely I had mixed my dates up but I'm 99% sure I haven't... Our doctors don't normally count pregnancy from ovulation but from the 1st day of your last period...Also over here (UK) when pregnant HGC levels are never monitored or check unless there is a risk or m/carriage....I am just hoping everything is ok...I have been getting sicker every day so i am taking this as a good sign, Any ideas, Should I be worried??


Susan W - February 28

Sick is a good sign. I'd just check with the doctor as to why the measurements are different. Good luck :)


buffy2297 - February 28

Amanda you question will be answered in a days time. So if you get to read this before I had a positive HPT at just 3 weeks pg so it is possible. Hope this helps at this worrying time. Just get the DR to explain everything to you. Write down any questions you have before you leave so you don't forget when you get there.I'm from the UK and you're right they don't do half the tests they do in the USA. NHS for you! Good luck. Oh and sickness getting worse is a good sign!!


chandellina - March 1

Hi Amanda, do let us know how you get on. I'm in a similar boat - I had a scan yesterday at 6w 6d from LMP (Jan. 11) and it showed a sac and yolk sac measuring around 5w 4d. My period was 4-6 days early in Jan. for some reason (a bit erratic since Oct. miscarriage at 8 weeks) so maybe I ovulated a lot later than I thought but I'm thinking another mc is on the way. I'm also in the UK and really fed up with the lack of care. I asked for blood tests right away (2 weeks ago) and my dr refused. At least I got an early scan -from the early pregnancy unit at a hospital nearby...


Amanda551 - March 2

Had my scan today and everything is good, about 2 months along and I didn't even need a v____al scan just a tummy scan, as soon as she placed the probe on my tummy we seen the baby right away I am so happy and hope nothing goes wrong ...Good luck to all you aswell hugs and xxxxx



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