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worried_09 - February 7

Hi Everyone my name is Laura i am 24yrs old and i had a tubal ligation 2 yrs ago in november my periods have been normal for 2 yrs now and then october i skipped my period november i had one which started out brown for about 4 days then red for the last 3 days. then i skipped my period in january then just started losing brown discharge and i went to see a mid wife and she told me that there isnt anything to worry about that its normal. I am worried havent slept in days because i feel in my heart that something is wrong with me and there doesnt seem to be anyone out there that knows what im going through can someone please help me thanks and GOD BLESS!! ↓


DownbutnotOUT - February 8

Hi Worried. I am 29 and had a Fimbriectomy on May 31, 2007 following my last and final pregnancy. Anyway I started having my period every 4 weeks for about 5 days, now I am at every 6 weeks, sometimes seven and the bleeding is very weird. I have had it start out brown than turn red for a few days, I have had my period so heavy for a day or two I thought I would bleed to death and than it was light for 3 more days, it would than stop for a week and I would start bleeding again! I had random bleeds between periods for about 3 months. I am almost 2 weeks late for my period and am experience very light random bleeding today, I am unsure what is going on myself. I have seen my family dr and he tells me it is completely normal. I don't know how true that is but I have no choice but to believe him. I am waiting till I'm over 2 months late before I go back and ask him wtf?


worried_09 - February 8

Hi DownbutnotOUT= thnkx for teh post i myself too dunno what to do anymore my doc says that it is normal too but i know that it isnt i swear there is something wrong with me i have told my husband but he swears its in my head and i know that it isnt i am expiercing syptoms of either a tubal or polycystic cyst but again please keep updated and let me know how you are thanks



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