Please Help With Hcg Levels

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lanislee - April 23

Just a question about hcg levels. I asked this before, but no one really answered, so I thought I'd ask again! When you start miscarrying do your hcg levels start dropping early or do they start dropping when you start bleeding? Just wondering because when I went in to ER the night of my m/c it was only at 30, now I'm pregnant again before af, but my levels were at 892 and 2590 last week, so they are doubling well. I'm very nervous about this pregnancy since I had no af! If anyone knows this, please help! Thanks!


Tiffany - April 24

Good question. I was wondering the same thing. Please keep us posted on your pregnancy.


staci - April 25

I am sorry that I dont have a good answer...I just know you are PG and that is GREAT NEWS! I am hoping to be pg soon, I have not had af either after m/c yet...please keep us posted. I say that as long as you are going up in #'s that is a great sign. I dont blame you about the worry I too would feel the same way but try to relax and enjoy the pg...your doctor will monitor you! have you had a u/s yet? how far along are you? when did you m/c before?


Crystal - April 25

I have the same concerns. I miscarried 03/12 and the week after that they were less that 2. I am pg again and very excited and sooooo very nervous. So far my levels went from 3404 to 6725 so they are doubling as well. I have an ultrasound scheduled 03/02. My doc just said well we would have liked for you to have waited so we could determine your due date. But my first sono at 6 wks last time is when I found out I was going to m/c because the baby had a low ehr. So I dont have a definate answer but they do say the numbers dont matter as much as if they are doubling or not. Good luck!


brooke - April 25

well i am in the process of waiting for a m/c to happen. on the 12th, my hcg was 34,000, on the 14th it was 32,000, then on the 21st, it was 29,000. i have had no signs of bleeding or cramping yet. so they can drop whenever and i have been told that the numbers really give no indication of when you will miscarry. good luck.


Jamie - April 26

I found out 4/8 I was pregnant and on 4/11 I went to the dr and my level was 487. The next day it was 313. One week later (4/19) it was 21. They said I have already miscarried, but I don't know when it actually happened. All the dr said was that it had already happened because my numbers were dropping. I want to ttc, but I don't know how to tell about ovulation. I have never watched that before. My husband and I started ttc at the end of November, and this was our first pregnancy, so I am a little nervous. I know dr's tell you to wait a while, but the research I have done shows that the rate of mc only goes up .5% if you get pregnant before the first complete cyle. How long after a miscarriage should you ovulate?



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