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Maggie H - May 13

Hi, I haven't posted for awhile..I had a miscarraige due to blighted ovum in Feb. I was 5wks. My doctor advised that I wait for 3 cycles. I started to try again after my second cycle.DH couldn't see us having to wait any longer. I felt back to normal. Period is due on May 20th..I hope to God it doesn't come. But I still feel incredibly guilty that if I am pregnant I may suffer another misscarraige because I didn't what for he third cycle..I need reassuring...


oregano - May 13

Hey Maggie, I have talked to many doctors, while two of them told me to wait 3 cycles after a miscarriage, (mine was also due to blighted ovum, but they seem to say that regardless of the reason for why it happen, and they do not provide a good explanation other than saying better), 4 of them told me that I did not have to as long as a) the pregnancy was terminated early (like yours or mine, 7-8 weeks), b) there are not any known problems at the present time c) no complications detected during miscarriage. I have also read several research articles published in medical journals (can give you the references if you want to find them, if you have access to a university library). The articles I read have also concluded that there was no reason for recommending patients to wait since this was not one of the factors predicting repeat miscarriages. Now I am in my mid cycle after the first period and I feel confident in trying,. Trust me, I have done my research. Hope this helps... I would like to hear success stories too please.


Chas - May 13

Maggie H, there was really no reason to wait unless you just weren't emotionally ready. My doctor said he used to advise three cycles, then one, now not even one, if YOU are ready. There is really no physical reason to wait. They tell you to wait at least one cycle for dating reasons. But, I was ready after my d&c and after my spotting stopped my cm was turning back to normal. I ovulated right after that. I am now waiting for my period, or NOT ! ( i hope) There is no research that proves getting pg again right away increases your chances of another m/c. It is in God's hands. So, don't frett too much and get back to enjoying trying to make a baby !! I wish you all the luck in the world !!


D D - May 14

MAGGIE H - this might help....even though I still worry - they worrying never goes away completely. I conceieved in October of 2005. DH made a special leave trip home so we could try for a little one -I was overjoyed. DH came home for thanksgiving - (he is active duty Military). he returned to duty right after Thanksgiving and I m/c on 12/3/2005. DH left duty station because I was an absolute wreck emotionally. DOC said ok to try again immediately. We did, but I got af in Jaunary and then on 1/31/2005 I found out i was pg again. cautiosuly optimistic this go round. On Feb 11, 2006 I m/c again. I can't beleive it and i wonder if it is possible for me to have another child. - the doc was tracking my hcg number back to zero, and the number fluctuated - took about 10 days to hit zero. DH and I engaged a specialist. He and my OB/gyn advise that we wait 2 cycles - we were going to go through testing. OB/GYM says now that your HCG number have hit zero - your next af will be in 4-6 weeks. I was not concerned about ovulating for another two weeks at the earliest according to the doc so DH and i had some unprotected fun. Looking back i ovulated 3 days after my hcg hit zero-doctors don't know everything.. On March 9,2006 I took an hpt and got a BFP - i was shocked.....I started my 2nd trimester yesterday - i rented a doppler and i listen to the baby's heartbeat every morning before work. I had no af after my last m/c and I thank God everyday that I carry this little one - don't give up hope - listen to your doctors but know that they don't know it all. there are hundreds of cases where women are told they can't, they won't or they shouldn't have children and they go on to become wonderful moms to healthy babbies....Have faith, have hope!


jalbert - May 14

First off, I was told I'd never be able to have children without some sort of fertility help. I'm overweight (250+ lbs) and never had a regular menstral cycle. With my daugther, who turned 3 this week, I went off bcp in June, had my first period in July, and was pregnant in August!!!! We started to ttc#2 in Jan of 2005. It took 5 cycles of ttc and I got a bfp on father's day! Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended at my 9 week visit when I learned I had a blighted ovum and the pregnancy had stopped at 5-6 weeks. We waited until I had my first cycle and then tried immediately afterwards. I got pregnant on the first try...and actually only tried once! I'm currently 33 weks pregnant. All this from the OB's office who said I'd never get pregnant on my own!


Susan W - May 14

I cannot find any evidence anywhere that waiting/not waiting contributes to a second miscarriage. I am a medical professional myself, and I researched thoroughly after I conceived again 3 weeks to the day of my loss accidentally; we were worried it would happen again, but my midwife had said it would be perfectly fine to ttc again right away if that is what we wanted. In fact, evidence points to trying to get the parents to try again right away -- if they were planning babies -- because it gets them to think about life instead of death. And I personally think the dating thing is an easy excuse -- modern technology allows us to measure the embryo and date it fairly accurately, as all grow at the same rate until about 4 months, so it doesn't matter when you conceive, imho. . . .. It will happen for you again. I'm 16 weeks along now. And no matter how long you wait, the fear of a subsequent miscarriage is always there. That only goes away after you reach the point where you had the miscarriage and everything seems to be fine, you can feel the baby or you deliver.


frankschick2001 - May 17

MAGGIE: I had a miscarraige and D&C in October 2005. I waited two full cycles before trying again. It was hard to wait because my period didn't even come until 7 full weeks after the D&C! Anyway, we conceived again in April. I am currently almost 9 weeks along and so far, so good. I do not take that for granted as I know something can happen at any time. So I am just taking it day by day. I have had two u/s already. The first one at 6 weeks, we saw the h/b and the last one (this past Monday) we saw AND heard the h/b, so we were very relieved and happy. I guess you just have to learn to be grateful for the small milestones. I think it is best to follow your docs advice and if he asks you to wait two cycles, then just wait. The time will pa__s, believe me. I was going out of my mind! Most of the time, people will say to go for it if you are ready, but I don't think any woman would be ready to try again right away. She might convince herself she is ready because she wants to be pregnant again so desperatly (and believe me, I understand that!) , but she probably is not emotionally ready right away. I do not believe that waiting or not waiting has anything to do with a repeat miscarriage. I just think it is better to wait for your own mental wellness. For me, personally, it was good to wait the two cycles.


rl - May 18

Hi Maggie I just wanted to let you know that it really does not matter if you wait or not, I had a mc at the beginning of 2005 I waited until I felt ready to try again and yes I was scared I had 2 kids with no problems then tried to have a 3rd with my new husband as he had no kids of his own yet and our first try like I said ended in mc so at the beginning of june in 2005 I found out I was pregnant again and am happy to report that on jan 11th 2006 my 3rd son was born very healthy no problems at all. yes I worried the first 3 months and every time I went to the bathroom I was scared I would see blood but it all turned out fine and my little Logan is 4months old now and very happy healthy so good luck to you and some luck and tons of prayers you will be posting your sucess story on here!!



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