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bjoiner - June 19

I have had multiple tests done to determine why I have had 3 consecutive miscarriages. Everything tested fine except for the ANA. I have a t_ter of 1:320 (homogeneous). I know that this can possibly be indicative of Lupus. Has anyone had the same test results and if so, how do they treat it so that I might have a chance of a successful pregnancy. I'm having to wait 2 months in order to see a rheumatologist to look into this somemore. Just needed some insight from someone else that has experienced this.


JuJu - June 19

Hi Bjoiner; after my second miscarriage also came back as a low positive for ANA and a medium positive for Cardiolipin antibodies. My OB ordered a second round of bloodtests 6 weeks after the first tests, and my ANA levels came back negative (!), but I was still a low positive for cardiolipin antibodies. The OB said that sometimes, immediately after a miscarriage, women can have false-positives for ANA etc, which was the case for me. However, I still have cardiolipin antibodies, and they basically have the same outcome on the blood as ANA - the blood tends to be thicker than normal which can create problems during pregnancy. The good news is, there are treatments available to treat both ANA and cardiolipin antibodies, although they can be very invasive (eg. daily self-injections of Heparin etc). But if it means a healthy baby in your arms, it's definitely worth a try...... I know of several women who have had positive ANA's, and have gone on to have kids - some even without medication! Because my levels have dropped to a low level and the fact that I have already had a successful pregnancy with my DD, my OB wants me to try one more pregnancy without medication. Terrifying, and I definitely feel more vulnerable, but I am going to take his advice. Anyway, good luck in your quest; I am sure that everything will work out wonderfully for you :)



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