Positive ANA And Miscarriage

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Lenore - March 8

A few months ago I found out that I have positive ANA (no indication of any disease) I just had a miscarriage last week and could only assume that it was related? I am going to see a high risk Dr. but was hoping that someone could tell me if they have experinced this and if so what is the treatment they have gotten? I feel so lost and alone right now.


Pam - March 20

Lenore...I don't have ANA but I just found out my miscarriage (6 weeks ago) was a result of anticardiolipin antibodies (APA), and autoimmune problem like yours. I saw your post and wanted to respond becuase ANA comes up when i have researched APA. I completely understand your feelings and just wanted you to know I am thinking of you. From what I understand, both of our conditions can be treated and and we will be monitored closely during future pregnancies. Most issues arise when people have these conditions and are untreated. In my case, the anticardiolipins cause blood clots that more or less cloged the placenta and the baby died. My treatment is aspirin daily and then once I become pregnant, i will have to take heparin, a blood thinner. I went to a high risk ob-gyn and he is amazing. My original ob-gyn wouldn't even test me for anything after the miscarriage since it was my first pregnancy and only miscarriage. i would also suggest seeing someone who specializes in your condition. Please let me know how things are going...I, like you feel very alone.


Lenore - March 21

Pam, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I am thankful to you for sharing your experience and feel a sense of relief to know that there is treatment out there. This morning i went for extensive testing. If you don't mind me asking what City are you from and who is your DR? i live in NYC. I wish you all the luck in the world. I will keep you posted and you do the same. God Speed


Kellyann - April 8

I had early miscarriages in Dec. and March. I got my test results this a.m. & found out that I have positive ANA (also no indication of disease). I'm next going for an HSG x-ray test then I'll meet with a high-risk ob-gyn. My current ob-gyn & I had already discussed my taking a baby aspirin & progesterone once I become pregnant again. Of course I'm now getting anxious about what disease may be in my future that positive ANA would be indicative of. I've been reading about lupus (which I don't have) and rheumatoid arithritis all morning. I'm glad to know there's other positive ANAs out there....now I'd like to hear about positive ANAs who have successful, healthy pregnancies. Stay positive.


Maria - April 15

I too was diagnosed w/ a positive ANA - meaning I am allergic to the embryo. I was therefore put on prednisone, progesterone and heparin injections 2x per day. I experienced bleeding and cramping for the first 14 weeks of my pregnancy which then eventually stopped. I now have a beautiful 8 month old baby girl. I am now pregnant w/ #2 and had the same symptoms early on in my pregnancy. Dr. thinks again my body is trying to reject the fetus. He therefore increased my heparin to 3x/ day. Bleeding and cramping have now stopped. Good luck to all of you. The shots have been well worth it and not that bad. They don't really hurt you just get bruised and have to constantly find new spots to inject yourself.


Lenore - April 15

Kellyann, It has been 2 months since my mc and I have seen a high risk Dr. who belives that with the positive ANA alone, I do not need to be treated at all. he does not believe it was the reason for my mc. Although I am now awaiting very extensive blood work to come back to make sure there is nothing else going on. what is this HSG x-ray? I am very confused about all the conflicting things I here. I want to believe my doctor and hope that the psoitive ANA was not the reason for my mc but I just can't ignore everyone else's stories. I don't want to have to go through another mc. Please keep me posted.


Lenore - April 15

My Dr. did say that baby aspirin would be the only thing i would be treated with. (was also on baby aspirin when I had mc).


Melinda - August 7

I just received my test results with positive ANA of only 1:40. My gyno has not linked this with my two previous mc's who did not go past 5w because the numbers are boarderline. Can anyone else share the level of ANA positive so I can approach my doctor with other patient test results?


Lillian - September 12

I am 4 weeks pregnant and just found out I have a positive ANA. I had a miscarriage in April and was also dignosed with positive ANA, which was probaby related. I vist_ted a specialist and apparently I do not carry the virus Lupus but do have positive ANA. This time around my doctor prescribed a low dosage of steriod. I am very scared I will have another miscarriage, but my doctor says this has happened to many women he has treated and there was positve outcome, so I will keep you posted.


Melissa - September 12

I hate to sound stupid but what is ANA?


Kara - September 13

Melissa - It stands for antinuclear antibodies. Basically it means that your immune system attacks its own cell's nucleus which causes inflammation. 95% of woman that have lupus will have a positive ANA result. It doesn't mean that you will have lupus if you have a positive result, but you are predispositioned to the inflammation factor. In regard to pregnancy, this positive ANA can cause inflammation to the placenta and the uterus which can cause a miscarriage. I am currently being tested for all of this autoimmune stuff! Hopefully I will know my results by the end of this week. Best wishes


jenny - September 26

i too have a positive ANA - very high t_ter (1:640, sometimes 1:320) and have had it for over ten years with some joint pain. i've been to see many specialists, tested for everything, but so far, nothing. i was pregnant last year and miscarried very early, before 6 weeks. i had a terrible early pregnancy, with extreme fatigue and joint pain. my doctors - including two high-risk specialists - say no link has been shown between ANA alone and miscarriage or clotting. they aren't treating me with anything. I'm hoping for another pregnancy, but don't want to have another miscarriage. i've also read that ANA may be a precursor for autoimmune disease and that pregnancy may be a trigger. i am desperate to hear success stories, but i'd also like to know if anyone out there with an ANA alone prior to pregnancy developed an autoimmune disease either while pregnant or during the postpartum period.


Lillian - September 27

You are not alone, I went through the same thing... I am now 7 weeks pregnant and I am being treated with 10mg prednisone and progesterone suppositories. I am still very scared but I am not getting the skin rashes with the medication. So, the doctor says that is a good sign that my ammune system is not fighting the embryo. I will keep you posted.


jenny - September 28

thanks, lenore. and congratulations! i will think good thoughts for you. re: the ANA, it's strange - all my drs have said i shouldn't take anything, but i've read here and elsewhere other women with the same problem being told different things. and there's no information. it seems like maybe the doctors themselves don't know? i've been so sick with worry, and wondering if i should try again.... do let me know how you're doing.


jenny - September 28

sorry - that last post was to lillian...though i just feel terribly for everyone reading this page. it's been such a frustrating and sad time for me, and like lenore i've felt so alone as well. it's really good to read all of your stories and feel some sense of connection....


Lenore - September 28

Wow, It's been a while since I first posted this. I am thrilled to say that I am 7 months pregnant and have been only taking a baby aspirin once daily. I did see a high risk doctor and had every test done imaginable and I was told over and over again that there was no evidence to believe that positive ANA alone would cause a miscarriage. I feel as healthy as ever, although this positive ANA will always haunt me. My rheumatologist told me that I should not live my life with the "what if" I get an autoimmune disease such as Lupus, because as of right now I do not have any indication of a disease. What is most frustrating about this all is the fact that there is very little known about pregnancy and autoimmune disorders. I do wish all of you the best of luck and want to encourage you all to find a good doctor that you trust. I feel very confident with my doctor and my pregnancy now in my 7th month. I will continue to be monitored by my rheumatologist and hope for the best as far as being that small percent that is a healthy individual with positive ANA. ???


jenny - September 29

thanks to you all for posting. and congratulations on making it to 7 months, lenore! i rechecked with my perinatologist and she says i shouldn't need anything but my prenatals and maybe fish oil supplements. i think it's funny, because like all of you, i have ANA (mine is strongly positive, and has been for years), a miscarriage, and i also suffer joint pain but no other sign in my bloodwork of disease. i don't know what to believe! i don't know if the doctors know.... i may try again in a couple of days, but i am scared.



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