Positive ANA And Miscarriage

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jenny - September 29

thanks to you all for posting. and congratulations on making it to 7 months, lenore! i rechecked with my perinatologist and she says i shouldn't need anything but my prenatals and maybe fish oil supplements. i think it's funny, because like all of you, i have ANA (mine is strongly positive, and has been for years), a miscarriage, and i also suffer joint pain but no other sign in my bloodwork of disease. i don't know what to believe! i don't know if the doctors know.... i may try again in a couple of days, but i am scared.


Jen - September 29

After 2 m/c's I found I have a positive ANA too, along with mild uterine polyps and very possible LPD. MD says a baby aspirin a day should fix it. I will go on clomid/progesterone/aspirin soon. Good luck to all.


Tammy - September 29

What is LPD?


sheka - September 29

question.i recently found ou that i was pregnant.2days after i had a discharge of brown and lite pink.i called my doc,and was told to lie down but if i start to bleed go to the hospitial.later i had a drop of blood in my clothes.i went to doc.was given an ultrasound and told that there was no heart beat.my question am i suppose to bleed if i am m/cing.doc schedule me to have a dnc done on monday.that will be 4 days that i will have dead fetus inside me.is that ok


Tammy - October 2

Oops, luteal phase defect. I looked it up - sorry for the stupid question! Sheka, sometimes you don't miscarry completely or at all - that's usually when they do a D&C. Some women don't know they've miscarried for weeks, and they're just fine. If you're really early in the pregnancy, they might not see a heartbeat. Have your doctors confirm you have really miscarried before you have a D&C. Sending you positive thoughts.


jenny - October 21

jen, lenore, kara & lillian - how are your pregnancies going? i am hoping the best for all of you!!!


Lenore - October 24

Jenny, How are you doing? Are you trying? I am starting my 8th month next week. My doctor said I will continue the baby aspirin until my 38th week. Things are going great, I have had a very normal pregnancy so far. I wish you the best, keep me posted.


Lillian - October 26

Hi, I am doing fine--thanks for asking Jenny. I am now 10 1/ 2 weeks pregnant and everything is going well so far. I was able to hear/see the hearbeat on my last visit, it was the best feeling. Though I am still very nervous, I am also very optimistic. I will keep you posted.


jenny - October 27

hi lenore and lillian - thanks to both of you for your posts. i was going to try last month, but chickened out. this month i don't even have the heart. it gives me some hope to hear you're both doing well! i would have more if i felt stronger...and much younger! and if i didn't have this terror of getting lupus as a result. i wonder if/how i'll get the guts to try again. do either of you have a very high ana or achy joints (before you were pregnant)?


Erin - October 28

I have suffered from achy fingers and toes since childhood. I saw a specialist for this a few years ago, but all my bloodwork came back normal. I had my 3rd mc this year in September at 10 weeks. I noticed that my fingers ached from around 7 weeks. Could this be ANA? I just had a bunch more bloodtests for recurrent mc... results are in next week. I'm curious...


Lillian - October 28

Jenny- Why are you afraid you will get Lupus by getting pregnant? Did your doctor say it was detrimental to you heath to try again? My ANA t_ter is 1..60. What is yours?


Erin - October 28

I have read that pregnancy can bring on full b__wn illness if you have antibodies.. Don't know if this is true or not.


jenny - October 29

hi lillian, thanks for posting! i’m afraid because i already have symptoms like achy joints, numbness, swollen lymphs, etc. my t_ter ranges from 1:320 to 1:2560. no diagnosis, just a large cloud. add to that one nightmarish, painful pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage and new symptoms, and extreme birth control/estrogen sensitivity...it’s a little nervewracking. some researchers suspect hormones play into autoimmune disease, but aren’t sure how. some women first develop lupus during pregnancy, but none of the docs can say how likely that is. most say with my elevated ana i am at higher risk than average for lupus in general (pregnancy or no). they’re split on whether i should try again: obs very cautious, high-risk docs less so–they just would monitor my pregnancy carefully in case i end up with full-b__wn lupus. meanwhile i'm mid-30s, clock ticking. i wonder if i should just adopt. i’d love any child with all my heart but wish to share the entire having-a-baby experience with my terrific husband. i’ve never felt so unsure and anxious about anything–most things i approach as an adventure. my intuition seems different on this one. but it’s hard to know where fear comes from: do we know somehow or do we just imagine the worst?


Lillian - November 1

Hi Jenny, It is very understandable the degree of anxiety and fear you are feeling. The symtoms you have are very similar to mine, and most of all I get rashes on my face and hands. Currrently I am suffering from joint pain as well. Everyday I worry about having a mis-carriage, but I am leaving it in God's hands. I misinformed you on my t_ter last time it is 1:160. I will keep you in my prayers.


jenny - November 4

hi lillian, thanks. i admire your strength and courage! please keep me posted on how you're doing.


jenny - November 7

erin - how did your tests come out? i do think that ANA can make wierd things happen in pregnancy - i know mine was far from textbook, and i suspect the autoimmune/inflammatory response....



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