Positive ANA And Miscarriage PLEASE HELP

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Keti - June 19

I had a missed miscarriage at 10wks. of pregnancy,on the ultrasound the fetus was only 7wks. and had no heartbeat. So I had a D&C the same day. I was so shocked and sad... I went in to see my baby for the first time,and I left with a D&C. My ob did some blood work and found that I have an ANA t_ter of 1:320,and advised me to see a rheumetologist for more detailed testing. I was FREAKING OUT!!!!! They tested me for lupus, sjogrens,etc. All of the tests came out negative,except for one blood clotting antibody which came out mildly positive. The rheumi told me that she doesn't think I will have a problem with any future pregnancy, but did advise me to take a baby aspirin if I get preg. again due to the blood clotting. Has anybody had the same problems as me and eventually had a successful pregnancy.PLEASE tell me your story or give me some advice.Nobody I know has ever heard of any of this ana stuff. Thank you,and the best of luck to all of you.


staci - June 20

keti, i am so sorry for your loss. I have suffered my 2nd m/c at 8.5 weeks when we no longer could find a heartbeat. my first m/c was in march of this year too, I had gotten pg 3 weeks after my first m/c with no af in between. I havent had any testing done yet and go in to my doctor this thursday to have some tests ran to begin to find out if there is anything wrong with me to cause these m/c's. however I did want to tell you that I have a friend who has the blood clotting disorder where she has to take baby aspirin and give herself heparin shots daily until 2nd trimester for her disorder...I cant recall what it is called but that she had 3 m/c's prior to giving birth to 2 beautiful girls. I would like to hear more about what you were told...were you tested right away after your m/c? I know how painful these losses are, I had 2 D&C's also and it is so hard...I am hoping and praying I can have a baby someday. prayers to you and please let me know how you are.


J - June 20

was this you first loss? I'm impressed they did so much testing after a first miscarriage usually they wait until you've had 2 or 3. Ask them about heparin along with the aspirin I've heard some women get injections of that to thin the blood too. I hope next time your past experience won't ruin you enjoying waht i'm sure will be a healthypregnany.


Mandie - June 20

I was 16 when pregnant with my first and at about 7mths I took a huge b.clot in mu leg...It started off in my leg and ended just 1cm below my heart.... I was put on injections right away but kept in hospital for 9 weeks.. I had a filter put into my vein to catch the clot if it broke off and would stop it going into my heart and lungs... My clotting test was boarderline positive.. With my 2nd pregnancy I was put on clexane injections ( hepraine) Like Asprin only more effective, to keep my blood thin...I had no probs....It was kind of strange at the time. I still hold the record for the youngest patient in Northern Ireland to suffer from ''ILLIEC vien Thrombosis''. and the only person in Northern Ireland to have a ''green field filter'' put into thier vien... Ask ur doc about clexane (hepraine) for thinning blood... I know that when a woman has a lot os m/c's for no reason they usually try these injections so no clots form in the placenta


keti - June 22

STACI, I really feel for you.Especially to have to go through 2 mc's.That really isn't fair!!!! I have an aunt who had 2 in a row like that,but it was a long time ago,and they didn't have all of the modern tests they do now.Anyway,her doctor back then said that she didn't give her uterus enough time to regenerate itself after the first mc.The good news is that she waited about 6mo. after that ,and she gave birth to 2 healthy kids.She is now 70 and in perfect health.She doesn't have any of the ANA and blood clotting antibodies like I do.So for you,there is probably nothing wrong with you healthwise,you probably just got pregnant too soon just like my aunt. As for me,they tested me right after my mc because they saw something weird in my initial pregnancy blood work up.So after my mc they sent me for more detailed tests.ANA stands for anti nuclear anti body.People with various autoimmune disorders have those,but the drs. told me that my ANA count was not high enough in order to worry about it too much.My blood clotting anti body wasn't high either,and the drs. told me that it could have been slightly raised due to my recent mc.I don't know all of this stuff is too confusing!!!When I read about what ANA is all about on the comp. , it really scared me.But I decided to trust the drs., and try to get pregnant again.I have been putting it off,I just needed a break after the mc and all of the blood tests. I hope they find nothing for you to worry about!!!! I'm sure you will have a baby soon just like my aunt. I really wish you the best of luck with the tests(try not to worry about them too much),and I hope yor next pregnancy will go smoother.Please keep me updated with what is going on with you also.My email is [email protected]


keti - June 22

Thank You all for your advice and info. It really means alot to hear about some other REAL peoples stories,instead of all of the doctors mumbo jumbo.They can sometimes scare you to death !!! Good luck too all of you who are tying to get pregnant!!!


keti to staci - June 22

How did the tests go????



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