Positive Pregnancy Test 10 Days After D Amp C With Cramping

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jessika - July 9

I had a d&c on June 30, 2005 due to a blighted ovum. this was my first pregnancy and i am really upset of my loss I was 3 months and already choosing names. anyways I went to the doctor today due to severe cramping and i still have a positive pregnancy test. I had an internal exam and every thing looks normal but when he put his fingers inside and touched my cervix it really hurt especially when he pressed around my ovaries . I dont know what is going on and i would like some answers if anyone has an idea please repond.


mellissa - July 9

jessika, first of all i'm really sorry for your loss. i had a d&c april 26th...and i know how devestating it can be. i still had + hpt two weeks after d&c...it took about 3 weeks for me to get a -. i think as far as that goes, it's just that you still have hcg in your system...some women lose it right away, in others it lingers for a while. your cervix is probably really tender from the procedure. they have to open it using "tools" so it kinda forces your body to do something it's not ready to do yet. if you don't trust that everything is okay, maybe you should get a second opinion. I couldn't even get my dr. to give me a follow up...he said they only do follow ups if you are bleeding heavy or have a high fever...it's going to take a while for your body to get back to "normal"....my cycles are still really screwed up. by the way, did your dr tell you when you can start trying again? just curious...mine said to wait 2-3 cycles...i'm on the 3rd now and hoping to ttc next month. good luck with everything!!!


jessika - July 10

thank you for responding im sorry about your situation and wish you luck on ttc I have not had my follow up yet, it is scheduled for wed. but i am supposed to get my lab results on quant_tive hcg on monday and have an ultrasound they gave me two antibiotics in case of infection because i am in a lot of pain i am really scared i could have a tubal or molar pregnancy. I am so depressed and i have no one to talk to all i do is cry two days before finding out i had a blighted ovum i watched my sister give birth I was so happy to be pregnant and i want to ttc as soon as possible. Thank You.


Tara - July 10

Jessika, I know what your going through. I am in the same situation but I had my D&C on June 3.I havent taken a pregnancy test. My doctors have been treating me for a bladder, kindney infection. I was on antibiotics for 3 weeks when I went off the antibiotics I was still fighting something.Went to doctor and when he put his fingers in everything was normal, but when he touched cervix and felt around it was really sensitive. He told me I have a infection in my uterus and sent me home with antibiotics. Im afraid to take a pregnancy test positive and husband and I have been careful. Im scared that there is still more in me and Ill have to have another D&C . I asked the doctor that examined me if this could hurt my future fertility and he said he wished I woulden't have asked that. I guess you can get Ashermans Syndrome from infection that causes adhesions in your uterus. They say its rare though.Could you be pregnant? Where are your cramps? are they on your sides or center of your abdominals? I was 3 months when I miscarried too and baby was planned! I have a follow-up on Wednesday the 13 and the hospital is going to phone me tomorrow as to when I can come in for ultrasound. Doctor said Im not a priorty because Im not pregnant.I know what you mean about crying thats all I do. Let me know how your ultrasound goes and follow-up. I wish the best for you!


Alison - July 10

Jessika, My second miscarriage was a blighted ovum and although my hormone levels had been barely rising for a while and had been too low, I was still testing positive in a pregnancy test when they did one a week after I finished miscarrying. They tested me again a week later and the levels had gone down properly. I haven't been through the D&C procedure as have always taken the pills instead so I don't know about the tenderness or cramping but Mellissa's explanation sounds well informed to me and that the tenderness would be normal afterwards. Cramping can be a sign of infection as far as I am aware. My doctor told me to let her know if I had pain in the abdomen or unpleasant discharge following miscarrying as it could be a bit of infection. I am so sorry for your loss, we have recently endured our third miscarriage (no children yet) and we had had names chosen the first time too. I know how becomming attached to the baby and excited about them happens so quickly and I feel for your loss-it's just so hard. I wish you a healthy pregnancy next time and continuing healing and strength during this very difficult time. Take care xxx



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