Positive Pregnancy Test Post Miscarriage Mistake

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Erica - April 8

I had a miscarriage on February 14th, no D&C, and just took a pregnancy test which came up positive. Could it be that there's some hormones left over from last time? Anyone else with similar experience?


Tara-T - April 8

You need to provide more information. Did you have a period since MC? Did you thnk you ovulated since? How do you know you ovulated. Have you been having unprotected s_x...because you could be also be pregnant again. If you ahven't been TTC, and you haven't had a period, you may need immediate medical attention because if there is still tissue left over, infections can happen. Do you have a fever? This is something to take seriously.


Erica - April 8

No period since then and me and DH had s_x twice three weeks after. As far as ovulating...I have no idea. No fever..I actually feel fine, I just thought it would be a little weird that only one time I could get pregnant again and was wondering if it's possible that something else could give a positive on a pregnancy test


Sandra - April 8

I had a D&C on Feb 17, and got a positive on April 2 (no period in between). Was worried about the same thing and went to see the doc. There was a posibility ir could be left over hormones, but I went for blood tests and it confirmed I was pregnant again. I have virtually no pg symptoms and wouldn't have known I was pg if it wasn't for the positive test. Best to go get the blood tests done. Takes the wondering&worry out of it.


Erica - April 8

My symptoms are like regular period symptoms, but nothing like the last time..it's pretty crazy.


mulgajill - April 8

Erica it is probably best to get a blood test... it is either left over pregnancy hormones (which i think is a bit unlikely after all this tme but should be checked out anyway) or you are pregnant again (which can happen before your next period comes).... You say you have no symptons but something must have prompted you to take a pregnancy test??? What stage of pregnancy were you at when you had your miscarriage?


Tara-T - April 9

Yes, from what you've said, I'd go straight away and get a blood test for HcG and then another 2 days later to see if the presence of HcG is due to a progressing pregnacy or hormonal leftover (unlikely). sounds like you may be pregnant again. Good for you! let us know....


Erica - April 9

Thanks for your responses...the M/C happened at 6-7 weeks..actually the doctor that checked me in the emergency room said it could have even been less. She seemed to think that if we hadn't been so attentive to the dates, I would never have noticed the M/C. So when she did the probe she said there was absolutely nothing there, truthfully she didn't seem real convinced that I was pregnant...thank goodness for the on site pregnancy test! The reason why I took the test is that 9 weeks had pa__sed since the M/C and reading on this website that for some people it turned up negative and they knew to keep waiting. I was truly shocked when it was positive.


Sandra - April 9

Same happened to me. I only took it as I realised it's been a while, and got the positive. I feel very different from the same stage last time, when I knew I was positive before taking a test. Hope it's good news for you too!


Tara-T - April 9

Erica: As I said, it makes sense to go ahead and ask doctor for HcG tests straight away. Please keep us posted!


Erica - April 10

I'm going to try and see my doctor tomorrow...the problem is I live in Europe and things are not as simple as they should be! The doctors don't do the blood tests they send you to special places that do and then you have to wait a week for the results and then bring them back to the doctor..again. A lot can change in a week! But I'll definitely go.


AmyF - April 10

Sandra- you said you had no pregnancy symptoms? None at all?


Sandra - April 11

I had none when I got my positive test. Today (9 days later) a have very bad bloatedness, and I've noticed my b___bs are starting to change, but nothing else. Bliss compared to last time!


Erica - April 15

Got my test results back today and VERY SURPRISINGLY I am pregnant. I was convinced up until the last minute that it was going to be negative. It's crazy..it's the only time we haven't tried. And I've had less than half of the symptoms from last time..Anyway, thanks again for all of your responses!


Alison - April 15

Congratulations Erica! wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy! xxx


Rosetta - April 15

I had a missed mc with a D&E 3/17/05. My dr told me my baby pa__sed a week and 4 days earlier. I havent had AF since which I know is normal...but just started getting signs of pregnancy last week again. Im very pet_te so we knew before the dr told us I was pregnant becuz my abdomen was a little puffy etc. Anyway, this time I have the puffiness as well as super nausea when certain smells come my way. Was going to hold off on taking a hpt and wait till I went to a regular 3 month check-up with my intenal medicine/family dr for my diabetes. It got the best of me yesterday and I called them to see what I should do. They told me to buy a few hpts and take one. If the first was positive to take another in exactly 7 days. If that was positive I should take one the following Monday and call them if that result is positive. My bf and I have had s_x on a regular basis since the bleeding stopped from the D&E. We were anxious to try again. I took the first hpt test last night and although the line was faint, it was definately there. I guess my question is if I take another test in 7 days, does that mean that positive line should be darker because more hormone is present? Im trying not to get my hopes up...but boy that is hard to do!!!


Sandra - April 15

Rosetta - know exactly how you feel. I bought a few tests and used the same strategy, other than I never waited a week (I'm way too impatient!). I did one every day and every one was a stronger positive. In theory this means that the HCG levels are rising, and the blood tests confirmed that as well. So by my experience I'd say you are indeed pregnant again! Congrats.



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