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Wendy - May 10

I had a d & c on the 7th april due to missed miscarriage... wondering how long does it take to get a negative test??? I took two tests one yesterday one this morning and both positive?? not sure if this is left over or another pregnancy.. didn't really want to fall so quickly but if so that's fine??? I am just confused to know if it could be a new preg or from the miscarriage??? No AF yet been 5 wks have had AF like cramping for a few days, however also did with my last pregnancy?? any suggestions would be great.. thanks guys...


May - May 10

Have you had your beta count checked? When I miscarried, my doctor sent me every 3 days to get blood work done. She specifically told me not to ttc until my beta reached 0--only because I would get a false positive. My beta count dropped to 0 after about two and a half weeks. If it's been five weeks since you m/c maybe you are pregnant. Usually beta doesn't take that long to drop unless there is tissue left over and your body still thinks it's pregnant. Either way, go see your doctor. Maybe a u/s is in order. I hope you're pregnant!!! Good luck!


Wendy - May 10

Thanks May... I thought 5 wks maybe a little long.. Like you said it maybe left over tissue which I hope it's not cause I don't think I could stand going through another d & c... I just made an appointment to see my DR this afternoon. I was going to leave it for a week or so, but I just need to know & get some blood levels taken to know either way... thanks for post I appreciate it... and sorry about your loss. Are you going to try again?.. good luck


mrswright - May 11

wendy- i had miscarriage on may 8th got positive pregnancy test on april 2nd and i am now 9 weeks 5 days so it is possible good luck.


Wendy - May 11

... Very strange still positive but seemed to have started AF??... thought would of had to be 0 to get period.. does anyone know if that's the case..



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