Possible Chemical Miscarriage

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jbadoino - February 3

on mon.jan28th i took a preg. test it looked like the pos. line was very lite but there. i figures it was just neg. or not working right so i put in in the garbage and took a shower and went to work. at work i felt horrible so i went over to the cvs near me and bought a test. took it and boom PREGNANT! I thought I was gonna pass out! The next day tuesday I went to a clinic to get proof for my insurance that I was preg. and the urine test came out neg. with a really light line next to itbut they said they saw it and would agree I was preg. and sent me with my proof and I went home.They had also said I was 4wks and 5days preg. I left feeling confused and not so happy. So on the way home I stopped and bought a test that said PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT... Went home took the test and in 2 seconds I was PREGNANT. I was convinced. That night I went in for my last (yeah right) pee of the night and spotted blood. I went to the emergency room they didi a blood test and said I was no where near 4wks and 5days pregnat because I was leveled at 28 meaning 1 day preg. and I had a 50/50 chance of mc. and to get blood work done again in 48 hrs to see if I dropped or went up. thurs I went to the hosp. and they said I was at a 7 and I likely mc. I never knew the pain bc I had a uti through all of this that i was on medicine for and it was really painful. I clotted but not much and my blood wasn't heavy as my regular period. I stpped bleeding on friday for good and I need to go back to the hop. for more blood to make sure i dropped down to 0. They said it was too low to ever go back up. I'm already a mom to a 9 yr old boy and this would've been a blessing for us bc we were trying for 6 years. I'm not sure what exactly happened but through reading up on chemical mc I truly believe thats what happened. I want to try again as soon as I can but I don't know how soon that could be. Any advice ? I am very upset but I feel like it was over before it was anything. I belive it was to fast to have any tissue build up.I am so new at this !!! Any help would be great! Thanks, Jamie


stefkay - February 3

Hi Jamie, I'm so sorry but this is a chemical pregnancy. They are actually very common (I was told 50% of pregnancies end this way, but most women don't test early and just a__sume they got a "late period"). May I ask what kinds of methods you have tried in trying to conceive for 6 years? Has it been constant and have you tried temping and charting along with ovulation predictor tests? Have you seen a doctor to rule out possible issues?


pba74 - February 3

Jamie - I'm sorry for your loss. It certainly does sound like a chemical pregnancy. You can start to try again whenever you are ready - you body doesn't have to adjust or get back to normal. I wish you all the luck in the world....~A



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