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Sammi - October 11

Hello ladies, i came across your site a while ago and now have a friend who i would like to ask a few questions about!! Ok so she started spotting about two weeks ago, she informed the Dr but he didn't seem concerned because it was only happening while she was having a bowel movement. The spotting was not coming from the rear per her checking. Anyhow so only light spotting only while going to the bathroom for about a week, she finally couldn't stand not knowing what was going on so she went to the emergency room. Apparently when they did the ultrasound the didnt find a heart beat and they said that the baby was only messureing at 8.5 weeks and that they think she is more like 10 weeks along (she had weird periods so how far along she is is questionable). They want her to come back in for another ultrasound just to make "doubly sure" that she did miscarry before they do a DNC. So here are my questions... Does it sound to you like a miscarriage? (we both thought she would be experiencing more then just spotting while going to the bathroom) Is it possible that the Drs are wrong on how far along she is and that she possibly could be only 8.5 Weeks and that is why the baby is measuring at 8.5 weeks, or would the size of her uterus tell them exactly how far along she was? They also told her that after the next ultra sound they can either do a DNC or she could let her body do it naturally, is that right? Is it ok to have a none viable 8-10 week baby in you for a long period of time? Why would they not do a DNC if they are so sure she miscarried? Apparently they told her that no way no how is this baby viable, but yet they still want to leave the baby and double check in two weeks.......the only reason i ask this is because wouldnt they want to only put her through this trauma once, why would they tell her for sure she lost the baby but come back in two weeks just to make sure.. I mean she is sitting their totally distraut, wont come out of her house, when is it possible that the baby will be fine? I dont know to me it just seems like a whole month is an aweful long time to put her through this, if the baby is gone then it is gone, so is it that the Drs are second guessing themselves but she is living the tourment of haveing her unviable baby in her!! I dont know i just hate to see her go through this and none of it is making sence to me!!! I promised to be the optimistic one and hope that the next ultrasound is a good one, but is that a realistic hope for me? ANy help would be great. Thanks Sammi


Alison - October 14

Hi Sammi- I will try and answer your questions. If her periods are irregular it is possible she is 8.5 weeks rather than 10 weeks (in my opinion) unless she was doing OPKS and knows roughly when she ovulated? At 8.5 weeks there should be a heartbeat detectable by an ultrasound scan. If she were miscarrying leaving it to happen naturally is an option but from what I have heard it can make you more susesptable to infection. Usually if that is the option chosen the dr will see you if nothing has "happened" after a certain amount of time. They will not just do a DNC as it has to be the woman's choice. No good dr will force a woman into having a DNC they have to choose how they want to handle things. I have had 3 miscarriages and each time was told it might take a couple of weeks before my body realised the babies had died and start miscarrying-so I was given pills to make me contract and stayed in hospital while miscarrying. I was given the option of DNC or waiting as well but the pills were the choice Dh & I made each time. 2 weeks is a long time to wait to check again considering the circ_mstances. I would think they want to be sure your friend is convinced before doing anything but I would have though a scan in 1 week would be enough to wait if they want to do that. With my 2nd miscarriage I had a 1 week wait between scans knowing it was not viable but wanting to be 150% sure in my own mind. Of course the next scan and HCG tests just confirmed what we already knew, and that week was very hard. I am just so sorry she is having to go through this I really am. Did they check her hormone levels to see if they are doubling every 48 hours? I would say there is a chance the next scan might be different-but it does sound like an impending miscarriage to me and I know she will appreciate having a friend as caring and supportive as you around if this is the case. My thoughts and prayers are with your friend xxx


TINA - October 18

the exact same thing just happened to me sunday.i'm just like your friend,should be 10 wks but baby measured 8.5.my dnc is set for 2morrow but my hcg level went from 1000 to 57,100 in 24hours.i heard it could have done this b/c of left over fetus hormones.i'm doing another u/s before i go through w/ this dnc.tell your friend i feel for her b/c i'm going thru the same thing as we speak. a part of me still has hope b/c the hcg went up so high



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