Possible Miscarriage With No Clots

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Stressed - January 29

i am about 5 weeks and thursday night i started cramping and since then i have had reddish brown bleeding barely enough to get on a pad. is it normal not to have any clots with a miscarriage? i dont know if this is a miscarriage or not. i did go to the doc and he did do an internal ultrasound but he said there was nothing there that it may be too early. i have another ultrasound on the 4th. i dont have anymore cramps and the color is now brownish than red. ive heard ladies say that some bleeding during early pregnancy can be normal but im worried because mine started out with cramps. its been three days now and still no sign of clots. shouldnt i be seeing clots by now???


In your shoes!! - January 30

I have had the exact same problem I am 5 weeks and one day today and I started spotting on Friday. My doctor is about and hour away because I live in a small town so they sent me to a local doctors lab to have a blood test done to determine the quality of my hcg hormone. But the test result would not be in before the doctors office closes so I have to wait unitl Monday to find out if I'm having a miscarriage. I spotted on Friday afternoon up until late Staurday evening. But I never had any pain, or cramps. Everything I've read doesn't give my a good idea as to if it's a miscarriage or not. This has been a really LONG weekend!!!


Stressed - January 30

Same here! i had another blood test and i wont get the results till monday! i think this is worse than the tww!!


curious - February 10

HI, I am going through the same thing, but can you tell me what happened, since you posted a while ago, thanks


Stressed - February 10

i dont remember the date that i posted that on but, since then the bleeding completly stopped for a few days and then i started bleeding (red) for a couple of days and then on the 7th of feb i had really bad cramps and pa__sed alot of clots (miscarriage). once i pa__sed the clots the bad cramping stopped and now its just like period cramps and im waitting for the bleeding to stop. oh and when i was pa__sing the clots..the flow was really really heavy. now its pretty much like a period.



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