Possible Secondary Infertility

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kristie h - June 13

Hi all, I have one child who is 16 months old and in feb this year i had my 2nd miscarriage since i had him. I know i havent been trying for long and i am going onto my 4th af since the miscarriage but i cant help to wounder am i suffering from secondary infertility. It took me 2 months fall pregnant with my son and 3 months with my 2nd and three months with my 3rd. I know alot of people may be thinking i am jumping the gun but is there anyone else here that cant conceive or maintain a pregnany after they have had 1 or more sucessfull pregnancy?


Morrison1 - June 15

Kristie - have you had your FSH tested yet? I know that sometimes this can be an issue with secondary infertility and it might be good to know so that you can take action sooner rather than later. I have a slightly elevated FSH, and have had two m/c in a row. I don't have any children, but had a normal pregnancy back when I was 23 (long story, and irrelevant other than knowing I have had a normal pg). Anyway, I am now doing acupuncture and have a visit scheduled with an RE, so we'll see what happens next. I am wishing you all the luck and the best with your ttc journey.


Sav - June 15

Hi Kristie- you are certainly not alone in this. I have a 2 year old and had 1 mc before him and 2 in the last 9 months. I saw my obgyn before the last mc and she really wasn't concerned, felt it would happen in time. I then fell pregnant again (7 months after last mc) only to miscarry at 6 weeks. The obgyn has refferred me straight on to an RE now but I don't see him for another couple of weeks. I am trying hard to think positive thoughts but am struggling with the concept that there may be something wrong now. Morrison1 I am hoping that the RE will test FSH levels, but also scared of the results! Good luck and may our patience not be tested for much longer.


Morrison1 - June 15

SAV- I think it's good to get your FSH and other things tested. While I don't LOVE the results I got - they could be worse. I have not and will not give up hope. My number is slightly raised, but only slightly, so I know I have less time than I thought, but at least I KNOW what's going on and I won't waste more time. Sometimes this information can be too much, or difficult to swallow - but in the long run, it can get you into a treatment plan so you can move forward. That has to be a good thing, right? Good luck and if you have any questions about your FSH, I have a thread going on the subject as well. You are always welcome to post anything there if you need to bounce it off of someone. Good luck to both of you!


Jennbj - June 15

I am with you. I have a 2 yr old son with 2 mc's after him, now it's been 7 long unsuccessful months since my last mc and my appt with the Ob/gyn is on the 30th. I got pregnant very easy with all 3 pregnancies so I can't understand why it is now so hard. I am hoping nothing is wrong. What is FSH?


kristie h - June 18

Hi girls, Morrison what is FSH and what p[art does it play with the body. I have thouht of getting me tested but the doc thinks i should wait. My 1st miscarriage was a mola pregnany and my second well we dont know. My doc said that cause the 1st miscarriage was a mola and the second could be a normal miscarriage there is nothing to worry about at this point in time but of course i still worry. Sav this may sound stupid but what is a RE is it similar to a gyno? I have to see gyno on the 29 of this month so i may ask him questions then. Jennbj i feel what you are saying 100%. Keep me up dated on you gyn appoitment as mine is only 1 day ahead of you. Babydust all~~~~~~


Sav - June 18

Hi Kristie-Not a stupid qu at all. I had to look it up when I was referred to one! From what I gather An RE is the next step up from an obgyn and is just a bit more knowledgeable on infertility. I think my obgyn referred me straight on because I'm 36 and also think she didn't want to deal with it. I'm definitely swapping obgyn when I get pregnant again. Good luck with your appointments. Mine is the 27th so I'll let you know what an RE really is then! Keep smiling and enjoy the day.


Morrison1 - June 18

Kristie and Jenn - FSH is Follicle Stimulating Hormone. It is the hormone that basically ripens the follicles so that your body is ready to ovulate. The LH surge (which is what an OPK looks for is what actually causes the egg to burst out of that follicle). The higher your FSH numbers the less ovarian function that you have. Everyone's numbers get higher with age, but some people have elevated numbers earlier, which can be a cause of recurrent miscarriage. Western medicine, once your levels are over 15 or so, won't much do anything for you. My level is 11.2 and I see an acupuncturist for fertility. I will go see a Reproductive Endocrinologist on the 23rd, just to see what they say, but I am pretty determined to do the natural path here if I can. Normal FSH can differ, but it usually anything below 10. Anyway...that is only one thing to test...there are LOTS of things that can cause m/c - some of it treatable some no so treatable - some just bad luck. I am not sure how old you are, but if you are in your 30's I would suggest pressing for at least the basic blood tests (CD3 and CD21) to make sure you don't have clotting, progesterone, FSH or other things going on. If you do, or if god forbid you m/c again, you could start looking at the bigger, more expensive tests. I am of the mind, knowing what I know now, that I wish I had known earlier. Most docs will wait until you have 3 m/c before they begin testing (unless you are in your 30's and then they may suggest testing after 2 m/c), but you should be able to request this stuff at any time. It's your body - the more you know...the better. Everything COULD come out fine and then you won't have cause for concern, you can just keep ttc! Good luck!!!


Jennbj - June 18

I am 28 yrs old. I want to be as prepared as possible when I go to my appt on the 30th. But the bad part is that we don't have any insurance, so I am a little worried about that. We applied but got denied because of the miscarriages (gotta love the insurance people). But I am not going to let the money issue stand in the way. A baby is worth every penny.


kristie h - June 18

Hi Girls, well i went to the doc today and he gave me a form to get a blood test which includes E/LFT- Electrolytes/Liver function test, FBC/DIFF/ESR, Ferritin,Follicle stimulating Hormone-FSH, Luteinising Hormone,Oestradiol, Prolactin, Progesterone, B-HCG. I have made a appointment for friday so i will see how it unfolds then. Well i was due for af on last wednesday and it never showed so i decided to test with three different brands and there was a faint + instantley took a test last night and it was - and today af showed 6 days late. The doc is wounder if tyhe molar pregnancy still lingering around and if so im in big trouble im crossing my fingers that its not. Im thinking more along the lines of chemical pregnancy. Well girls how long have you all been TTC conceive for? Its good to talk to ppl that are in the same situation i realy love you girls for it. Thanks. Morrison im 22 so i have alot of time on my side which i guess im lucky for but as we know there is nothing worse then time pa__sing by with only miscarriage after miscarriage. Well my son is awake and getting into everything sdo i will talk to your girls soon. Cheers and lost of babydust.


kristie h - June 19

Hi all, Well im on here to vent as im feeling down the dumps. Well i don't know if any of you have thought of this but i am realy thinking of giving up on the ttc only for the fact that if i did give up thats when it may happen. I belive we all have a plan in life from the day we are born but i wish i knew what that plan was. I think that in 10 years time i will look back to these times and things may not have been as bad as they feel. I feel so helpless with my body and i hope i get answers on friday. My old friend was pregnant at the same time as i was when i lost my 1st after my ds and she drank like a fish and when i lost mine and she went full term i asked why me and not her. She had a baby in feb this year and i found out she is due again in dec this year awwww!!! What i dont understand is that she has only been with her BF for a year and eveything is happening for her. She lives at home with her BF at her boyfriends mums house and has never worked in her life. Why do the bad things happen to the ones that do everthing right in life and are able to stand on there own two feet. My other friend has two kids to two different dads and only has one night stands to become pregnant that makes me so made and god grants her with her wish. Well i have been married for a year and a half and have been with (david) for 4 years and as you know i have a ds who is 1 and a half. When i think of pregnancy and when it does happen i feel so bad on my son as i know i wont be able to do the things i do with him now like restle and swing him around ect so i wounder if its all worth the ha__sle. Well thank you for you eyes and ears and ill be back to see how you are all doing. Bbay dust.


Sav - June 19

Hi All - Kristie I am so sorry you are having a down day. All I can say is be kind to yourself today, cry when you need to and tomorrow will be a bit better. Please vent when you need to and no apologies needed. Fingers crossed that it was a chemical and not still the molar pregnancy stuffing up your system. Hopefully all the bloodtests will give you some answers. As for the giving up, I know the feeling. I know I have become quite a___l over some changes I am trying to make to lifestyle etc, but have decided to try and relax abit over some as they only seem to add to stress and we still need to enjoy life. Thanks for all the info Morrison, I certainly will have a list with me when I go to the RE. Jennby I agree a baby is worth every penny and I really do not understand the insurance either. It has only been 5 weeks sinc my last mc so at this stage feeling quite positive. I seem to take 7 months to get pregnant again so determined not to stress my self out during the wait this time and who knows maybe I will be blessed earlier! Take care


kristie h - June 19

Hi all, Sav it's good that you are getting things checked out so soon, I dont realy wnat to know what is wrong with me but i know once i do know ill feel better and we may beable to do sumthing about it. I have herd on here that affter a miscarriage you have more of a chance falling pregnant fatser i hope that is the case for you!!!! Where are all you from? I live in queensland Australia. Jenn B how are you? Hope your doing good. Take care talk soon.


Jennbj - June 19

Hi girls! Kristie I'm sorry about your day, i 'm glad hope today is better for you. I'm glad to see that your dr is taking action. I hope mine will do the same. I had som weird pains yesterday, I'm wondering if it is from the evening primrose oil I have been taking. But I think I am starting to see more cm than I normally do, so hopefully it is working. Anyways, I'm glad we are all here. I am just not as comfortable talking to other people as I am talking to you girls, so this means a lot to me to have all of you.


kristie h - June 19

Hi Jennbj, How are things? How long have you been taking the evening primrose oil? I have herd ppl on here taking that for cm so tell me how it goes cause im lacking cm too. I dont know about you but i have noticed i have hardley any cm since the lose last year. If you are concerned ask you doc to give you blood test, i have writen in one of my post what test my doc is doing and i think they are all the tests that they can do before it starts costing $$$$. I have also herd ppl swearing by pree seed.


Morrison1 - June 19

Hi girls. SAV - no problem. Happy to help if and when I can. To be honest, I wish I didn't know ANY of this stuff b/c that would mean I had a healthy pregancy and never needed this darn site. But I am glad I found it. KRISTIE - believe me - I understand why you are sad. You are soooo young though, so don't give up hope. I have 15 years on you, and trust me, it is great that you are learning about your cycle and your body and everything now. Good on you for staying strong. There is LOTS of hope for you yet, so try not to let the outside world get you down (easier said than done). Take a month to recoup, but don't give up. Go easy on yourself, and above all, try not to stress. It is your enemy and will mess with your cycle and you don't need that. JENN and KRISTIE - I have not taken evening primrose (remember NOT to take that if you think you are pg, btw), but I do use PreSeed. We love it. It works great! You just need to use it on the days you are actively ttc. Hope you are all having a great evening.


Jennbj - June 20

This is my 3rd month month evening primrose oil, and yes definitely stop taking it after ovulation. If it doesn't happen this month i don't know if I'll take it next month. I am a little hesitant to use pre-seed only because we have never used lubricant and I would feel a little embarra__sed. (I know stupid to feel hat way). kristie, I will write down what your dr is testing for and take it with me. This a new dr for me so I don't know how he'll be but he helped a friend of mine that had 2 mcs and then took 10 months to get pregnant again. She now has a healthly baby girl. Well, gotta run ds is pottty training ths week and he is calling me.



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