Possibly Preg After D Amp C No AF

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Linny Kaye - April 30

Hi everyone. I just had a D&C on April 8th for a "missed miscarriage". I have not had AF yet, and we BD'd on April 19th and 21st. At a recent DR appt, they did a preg test and it was "unclear" but showed a faint positive. A HCG test showed levels to be of a 1-2 week pregnancy (done last Thursday). I have another HCG to do tomorrow (Monday). Could this really be a pregnancy this soon? Or is it left over HCG from prior miscarriage? Has anybody else had this happen? Any advice is very appreciated. Thanks :-)


squeakytoy - May 1

It can happen. If you BD 2wks after your D&C. Why did your MD do a pg test? Did they think you were PG? I would be careful (don't smoke/drink, etc.) until you find out for sure.. hcg should be going up/not down. A lot of people get pg right after a D&C. So I would be cautious. Also, you can clinically feel comfortable after a procedure. It's safer to conceive shortly afterword compared to a natural miscarriage. Hang in there! you'll find out sooner than you think!!! (((hugs)))


Susan W - May 1

I conceived 3 weeks to the day after my natural m/c at home. If you think about it, they tell you to expect AF in 4-6 weeks, so that means you can ovulate 2-4 weeks after the loss. I have researched this completely (I am a medical professional too) and you are at NO higher risk for a m/c if you concieve again right away. It's actually the other way around -- it's often thought to be easier to get pregnant after a natural m/c instead of a D&C because the uterine lining was not sc___ped away as it often is during a D&C; however, no research study has actually has shown any difference. But the only way to tell if it is a real pregnancy and not leftover hormone is to a) have gotten a negative hpt at some point and then the positive or b) do serial HCG quants, as your doctor is doing. I actually did both to confirm the pregnancy for 100% sure. If this test shows you are not pregnant, you can watch your HCG levels at home with hpts, knowing that when you get a negative one, you are probably within a few days of ovulation (you ovulate within hours to days of HCG hitting the non-pregnant range) or your doctor can follow it down with blood tests if you want. Good luck!


Linny Kaye - May 1

Thanks for the advice:-) Unfortuantely, my 1st HCG was 58 and my 2nd was in the 30's. (I went in for a sinus infection initially when they did a pg test just to be sure). Maybe after AF we'll get that elusive and much desired positive! Thanks again


Susan W - May 1

You can spend some time meanwhile learning about your fertility signals to help you know when the best time is for bding. I recommend the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertlity" as a great reference. Good luck!



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