Postive Pregnancy Test 21 Days After D Amp E

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pink62191 - May 19

i had a missed miscarriage and a d&e done on april 29 the doctor said the baby only measured to be 7 weeks and 3 days, had bleeding of and on for almost 10 days after but alot of it was just dark brown, i guess it was old blood. 6 days after d&e had unprotected s_x and continued to have unprotected s_x almost every day until now...i have started having little headaches,backpain, and lots of gas. af hasnt com yet.. so i took a hpt and it was positive??? could that be left over hormones or am i pregnant again??? its been 21 days.... im so confused help!!!


FrancesM - May 20

Pink, it is possible that your hormone level has not dropped back down yet. Sometimes it takes more then a couple of weeks. You might call the Dr and get in for a blood test to confirm. If you ovulated shortly after the dnc you could be pg again, it would not be the first time that has happened. I recommend a trip to the Dr for blood work. Good Luck!


ChattyKathy - May 20

Its hard to tell because it can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months for your period to return, which means it could still be old hormone trying to leave your system. I agree with Frances that you need to call your doctor about this. You'll need to get your blood drawn twice to see if the hormone levels are rising or falling.


pink62191 - May 20

thanks for you advice...i was really wondering if anybody was goin to comment...i apprieciate both of you still having a hard time getting through the miscarriage...its like no one really understands...mentally i was prepared to be a mommy...and that was all ripped away from me...i desperately want a child...i find myself bursting out in tears in the middle of the night...but i really want to try and concieve right away...ive herd that your suposed to be more fertile...just pray for me that ill get through dust to all...


Tory1980 - May 20

Pink, I am so sorry to hear you are gonig through this and I agree with both Frances and Kathy. You really need a blood test and/or scan to check for a possible pregnancy. It is very possible to be pregnant again straight after a m/c but it could also be the hormone taking longer to leave the system than you were maybe expecting. We all write on the Clean Slate Thread and you are welcome to come over there. Some of us have had children after miscarriages, some are pregnant, some are still trying to get pregnant but we have all been there on that rollercoaster ride and you are welcome to join us if you wish. We always welcome everyone.


jokell - June 3

I share your confusion right now. I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks and had to be induced which a D&C followed the next day. It has been 3 weeks and 3 days so 24 days since D&C and I'm getting positive pregnancy tests. I went yesterday to Dr. to check HCG levels so I won't know if they're rising or falling for 2 more days. When I was at the Dr. he did an ultrasound and he said nothing was left behind and he also said that I had ovulated recently. So I'm very confused too. Good Luck to you!!!


sunbeam - May 31

how can pregnancy test still show positive weeks after D&C for blighted ovum



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