Precise Reason For Miscarriage

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Meena - January 26

Hi guys.Today i went to see my doc (2 weeks after miscarriage) and I was hoping to find some answers some precise answers.But doc said that there is no specific reason for miscarriage ...u cant find it something went wrong ,something was not right about this pregnancy and body decided to discard it.She said statistics show 99% women go to have normal pregnancy after miscarriage.Well it was good to know all that but i feel lost with so many advances in medicle science y did i not get the reason for this??I feel so lost if I dont know the cause what care should I possible take next time.Did any of u get a similar response or were they able to pinpoint the reason for miscarriage and treat it.Plss respond really appreciate ur help!!


Nazli - January 26

Hi Meena as you know I have had two misscarriages. My Doctors could not give me any answers iether and I feel the same way. But not too worry Meena it's all in Gods hands and before you know it you will be pregnant again.


Alison - January 26

Meena just wanted to say I totally sympathise with wishing for more understanding of why it happens. Even with so much medical advancement there is so much we dont’ understand about why pregnancies work/don’t work. From what I have been told most miscarrages are caused because a random error ocurs - e.g) there is an extra chromosone or one less than needed for no reason other than “fluke” I have had 3 miscarriges myself and after that they say there is a chance there is a medical reason though all the tests we have had have found no explanation-there is just so much they don’t know/are still trying to research about miscarriage/recurrent miscarriage. I wish so much more was known I’d give anything for some answers too. I have to admit when I have read about what is necessary for a pregnancy to form/succeed especially in the early weeks it makes me amazed it ever works there is so much that can go wrong with all the cells dividing and everything that happens to form a baby. I am so sorry for your loss-I think I posted to you before I can’t remember? I really sympathise with how you feel it is so hard if only more was known/understood. I am now 6 weeks into my 4th pregnancy and other than taking baby aspirin am just praying this time is different for us. Take care Meena I pray you conecive soon and carry to term a healthy baby. As you say the statistics for a healthy pregnancy after 1 miscarriage are very much in your favour-so you have every reason to feel hope though I know it is sooo scary. Lots of ((hugs))


frankschick2001 - January 26

I was not given any reason for my miscarriage. A friend said to me that pregnancy can be like a recipe. All the ingredients have to be there and precise or the dish just doesn't work. I know that sounds very simplistic, but it may be kind of true too. Everything has to be just right or else it just doesn't work out. It's a hsmae we can't be given specific scientific reasons explaining a miscarriage considering all the advancements in medicine, but it is just something we have to accept (as painfull as that is.)


Meena - January 26

Hi Nazli-Alison-frankchicks2001-->Thankyou so much for ur responses.I guess I should accept it the cause is probably just not known all I can do is think positive.Its kind of hard for me to believe that after taking urine ,blood samples ...tissue they could get nothing out of it.I was actually holding up pretty well before I saw the doctor and the unknown just fills me with fear but thankyou all for helping me out I will get over it.Hey Alison my best of best wishes for you and u will be in my prayers.Nazli and frankschick2001 pls keep sharing information really helps .Take care u all



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