Predicting Ovulation After Miscarriage

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? - October 28

Should it occur around the same time or will it be altered? What is your experience? How long did it take for you to get for pregnant?


Jenn - October 28

I know everyone is different but this was my experience. I had mc in april, my periods were very irregular---21 days, 26 days, 33 days, 35 days, then finally back to normal at 29 days, I took opk in one of those months that never gave me a positive, also I didn't have any ovualtion signs until I went back to 29 days, so personally I don't think I ovulated until aug.Since we weren't ttc I don't know if we would have been able to get pregnant. We started ttc in sept and got bfp but unfortunetely had mc again at 6 weeks, so i am currently waiting fpr 1st af then plan on ttc again. I don't know how my body will be this time around, but I am anxious to get pregnant again. and like I said, everyone is different. I hope to see other people post cuz I am curious to know everyone else experiences also. Good Luck!


Neets - October 31

I m/c on 23 Aug and had D&C on 16 Sept. I then waited until 23 Oct for my AF which took 36 days. My dh and I wanted to wait for the 1st AF before ttc. I hope I don’t have the pleasure of a second AF. But as Jenn said, everyone’s different, but from reading posts on this site and elsewhere, it is normal for your cycle to be all over the place, and it will take a short while to establish a regular pattern again. Good luck x


angel - October 31

hi! i had a mc back in oct last year. i had a normal period in nov and got pregnant in dec but unfortunalty mc again :( i didnt ov for a while after cuz my body i guess was in shock over 2 mc in 3 months :( i went on bc and just got off and had a normal pd and am ov normal again. so i think for everyone its differnet try to keep track of what ur body is doin and if u r at all worried see ur dr :) good luck!



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