Preg After Vasectomy

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Shelly - November 17

My husband had a vasectomy 5 years ago and we haven't given a thought to birth control since then. My periods usually begin with a couple days of spotting dark blood, followed by a few days of really heavy bleeding. I have a condition called Adonomiosis (sp?)... it's related to Endometriosis except the misplaced tissue is inside the lining of my uterus. The only real symptoms of this are severe pain during my period because this tissue bleeds and has no place to go, thus causing pain until my body re-absorbs the blood. Having said all that... my concern is: a week ago my period started with bright red blood and very heavy the first day. I have been bleeding pretty heavily for the last week with no pain at all (it's actually nice for once, but it's worrying me!). This morning I had some clots that were about the size of dimes (this is also unusual for me... I never have clotting). I am actually wondering if I may have been pregnant?! Has anyone every heard of someone getting pregnant after a vasectomy? (Don't bother with the jokes! I am well aware that my HUSBAND is the one who has the V.) I have seen plenty of posts about woman getting pregnant after tubal ligations, but never after this. Any thoughts?


tiffany - December 2

yes it is possible. my partner had a vasectomy almost 4 years ago and i recently found out i am pregnant. so believe me it is quite possible.


Kylie - December 11

Yes it's possible. My dad had a vasectomy 23 years ago after my brother was born. Recently my mother had unexplained cramping and continual bleeding for weeks. ( i have had 2 m/c's) and she made the comment " If I wasn't 48 and ur dad hadn't had a vasectomey I would swear I'm going through what you did" She went to dr and was sent for an u/s, only to ring me to pick her up. She was as white as aghost to find out she had been pregnant and was in the process of miscarrying. It was ahuge shock, so yes I would say its definately possible.



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