Pregnancy After 3 Miscarriages

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Mrs A Whyte - December 19

Erin what other possible issues did they point out to you at your new doctors? I hope it's not rude to ask I'm just looking for info/advice anywhere I can! I've had all the tests our clinic offer and just wondered what other things you have come across-thanks x


Jen01 - December 19

Has anyone ever had their embryo sent of f to be tested after your first m/c? I have a friend whose dr sent hers off and ran like 15 blood tests to check for abnormalities and found none. I thought dr usually waited until after 2 or 3 m/c.


3buns - December 22

hi, i have had 3 miscarriages and i'm now pg with triplets. i don't want to upset anyone with that news. just wanted to let others out there know that it could be possible to have a healthy pg after a miscarriage(s),reach full-term and have a baby/babies. i'm also on this post because i've had miscarriages and really don't want to have a miscarriage with this pg. hope you don't mind me posting on here. love to all.


Alison - December 23

Hello I posted here earlier and thought I'd check in again looking for a story of hope as am feeling very down this time of year (also approaching my 3rd miscarried baby's due date) 3buns thank you for a story of hope-I am praying that we can have a baby of our own though we have had 3 losses too. I just long to be a mother. Did you have any tests done after your losses? Triplets wow! Do multiple births run in your family? That is wonderful news congratulations and bless you and your cherubs xxx


Dylan - December 23

Alison, I am sorry you are feeling so down. The holidays have been tough for me too. You cannot help but think how far along you would have been and what it would have been like. Are you ttc? I am sure your time will come . . . sounds like you will make a wonderful mother. I am finally going to see a perinatal specialist at UCLA who will hopefully give us some hope for a future pregnancy. Have you seen a specialist?? 3buns, congratulations to you!!! Wow! Tripletts are not very common. Hope all goes well and will pray for 3 healthy babies!!! Jen01, I have not had any tests run on the embryo. Not sure why, I asked the doctor before my last d & c but he said they don't do it. Never gave an explanation. Best of luck to all!!


Alison - December 24

Thank you Dylan-I'm sorry you're finding the holidays tough too am sending you ((hugs)) and prayers for happiness and blessings soon. Yes we are TTC again following tests at the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic which didn't give us any explanations/answers unfortunately. I am taking baby aspirin which the Dr said to try as wouldn't hurt but otherwise just trying and hoping/praying. I hope the specialist can help with some answers for you-even if they don't don't give up hope I keep reading of women having babies after multiple losses even when there's no cause found/treatment tried I try to hold onto to those stories to give me hope. By the way the hospitals here don't test on the embryo either they don't have the facilities or something and it has to be done very soon after the baby dies as they need to grow cells or something for the tests? (my babies died before we realised by a couple of weeks) Apparently all it tells you is if it was a chromosonal thing or not but I do think it would be good to know. Our genetic tests all came back normal so if it was a chromosonal thing with the losses it would mean they were each "random flukes" though I guess after 3 in a row that's less likely as they say only 1% of women lose 3 in a row-I am still hoping that was what it was though so that I can believe next time will be different. God bless and may 2006 be a year of hope and happiness for you-hang in there I know it't hard ((hugs)) xxx


Dylan - January 3

Alison, thank you for your kind words. It is nice to have others who are in a similar situation to communicate with. None of my family or friends have brought the subject up since the week of my last D&C. My doctor told me to wait 2 cylcles before ttc and when my referral to the specialist got lost somewhere told me to wait another month. I am about to start my 4th cycle and was just told the specialist cannot see me for another 6 weeks so, I should put off ttc again. Although, I do not think I am going to wait any longer. I have heard of a lot of other ladies who are also taking baby aspirin along with vitamin b supplements. I think I am going to do that and start ttc this month. It is hard to imagine that only 1% of us have 3 miscarriages in a row isn't it??? You seem to be so strong and have definitely caused me to be hopeful!!! Thanks again!! May god bless you as well and may 2006 bring you the baby you so much deserve. Hugs to you too!! Dylan


Alison - January 3

Thanks Dylan-I'm so angry on your behalf to hear things keep getting postponed for you seeing the specialist it must be upsetting for you. I will be praying that when you conceive you will carry to term a healthy baby-may 2006 be a wonderful year for you-bless you. Take care xxx P.s when you see the specialist make sure they check for blood clotting disorders-I have tested as not having them myself but was tested for them amongst other things. Wishing you every blessing. P.P.s I know what you mean about being able to talk to someone in the same situation. I think unless you have experienced multiple miscarriages it is hard to understand. I've met some wondeful ladies on here who have had 1 loss, 2 losses, 3 losses and more. It does help having this support network xxx


Dylan - January 4

Alison, You have been an inspiration to me. You are so positive even after all that you have been through. I have been diagnosed with a clotting disorder, but my regular doctor is not convinced that is why I am miscarrying. When I do get pregnant, I will have to give myself a shot everyday to prevent blood clots. I am still anxious to see what the perinatologist has to say. Thanks again for your support!!!!


Michelle - January 4

Hello all, ive had 3 mc's in the past year and a half. Ive had all the tests done with chromosomes and had a hysterosalpinogram and everything has come back fine. The last test he wants done is a glucose test to see if i possibly have hidden diabetes or something like that. The thing is that I think i may be pregnant again. im 10 days late but im petrified to take a test. All my previous pregnancys i knew very early and ended up having my last mc at just 5 1/2 weeks. The others were at 8 and 9 weeks. I think the worst thing for people like us who experience recurrent miscarriage is that we can never actually have that happy and excited no worry feeling again. Always in the back of our minds we feel like its gonna end up bad and we just loose out on alot because of worry. i just want to say good luck to everyone and i hope you find your answers dylan and go on to have the beautiful happy and healthy children you deserve.


shelly - January 4

michelle - have you doctors said why they think the hidded diabeties is being tested. i have last 4 babies and do suffer from gestational diabeties they said when i'm not pregnent i am fine but last time at 7 weeks my sugar level was up to 9 - which it should not go over 7 ( when i had my daughter i was on insuline ) id you find anything out more out could you please let me know.


michelle - January 6

shelly..the doc just said that he was going on a long shot because he couldnt find anything else going on and he said sometimes diabetes can cause miscarriage. I actually took a hpt last night and it came back positive so now im scared. i have to set up an appt with my doc. Hes gonna put me on progesterone just in case. Im really nervous, has anyone had any success after 3 miscarriages?


Michelle - January 6

I am sorry for your losses. I know how devasting it can be. You are right, we will never be able to have a happy worry free prgnancy. Once I hit 13 weeks this last pregnancy, I felt so relieved and thought I had made it past the hurdle. I was wrong. If I do get pg again I will probably not be relieved until the baby is in my arms. Has your dr advised you to do anything different? Have you gotten the courage to test???? Well?????


michelle - January 9

ok well so far so good still feeling pregnant no cramping spotting anything. so im hoping its a good sign. i tried calling doc and and he was closed so i gotta wait till tommorrow to make appt. Hope all is well.


Dylan - January 9

Great news Michelle!! By the way, the last post was from me to you . . . sorry about that. Did you ever have the diabetes test??? I hope all goes well for you!!! Keep me posted, okay???


3buns - January 9

hi all! alison, how are you? multiple pg don't run in my family (my side or hubby's) so this pg is a big surprise! i had many tests done before this pg . they checked my tubes, womb, the usual and the not so. no clues to previvous misscarriages. i'm on bed rest at the mo though. had a bit of spotting earlier and all being cautious this pg. take care everyone. xxx



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