Pregnancy After 3 Miscarriages

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Alison - September 26

* "no" medical reason not "now" medical reason sorry


Fatalini - June 19

I read all of your posts and it just breaks my heart to know that there are so many of you going through the same thing i have been going through. I know its been almost a year since someone has posted in here but i really wanted to know if this was happening to anyone else. So here's me story. I was on b/c for 7 years, when my husband and i decided to have a baby. We got pregnant within 2 weeks of getting off the b/c. And i had a very easy pregnancy. And gave birth to a little boy whois now 2. May of '07 we decided to try for another baby. it is now June of '08 and i have had 3 m/c. I lost the first one in july(due feb 17) lost the second one on Feb. 15(due in oct), lost the 3 one 15 days ago. We are gonna stop ttc for now until i can find out a little more information on what might be going wrong. I want to thank all of you for just voicing what you have to say so that it can help others that need some support.


starflower - September 1

I see that the original question was posted a few years ago...I wonder how many people that responded actually went on to have a successful pregnancy? If anyone checks back, please update us! I have had 4 miscarriages in total, 3 within the last year since we have started ttc. I am 35 years told. I have 1 dd who was born almost 2 years ago. We have undergone all of the tests and they cannot pinpoint a problem. So it has been extremely disappointing and frustrating! We just want to have one more baby to make our family complete! I am going to try low dose aspirin for the next pregnancy and see if it makes a difference or not. I took progesterone last time but still miscarried, it just seemed to prolong the inevitable...


Qin83 - September 15

Alot of people said pregnant at early stage-It's better not to tell anyone that you are pregnant. People said baby "Pantang". Believe it or not depend on individuals. Everything depend on fate. If the baby is yours, means yours. Nobody can take away from you. And i believed it. I just have a miscarriage in Jun 08.


starflower - October 20

I posted my story on Sept 1/08 after 3 miscarriages in a row (4 in total) and it is now Oct 20/08 and I am 7.5 weeks pregnant. We saw the heartbeat (140 bpm) on the ultrasound and everything looks good so far. I did a few things differently this time around: - 1 baby aspirin per day for the entire cycle (my specialist said that there have been some recent studies to support that it helps build the uterine lining and helps with implantation - I got a BFP at only 10 DPO this time, and my betas were already high really early). - I stopped running after ovulation - I increased my caloric intake (I was trying to diet but I decided I would eat more this month to see if more calories would help me)


paty2008 - October 23

HI Starflower, all the best this time. I wanted to ask you what is BFP. I also had my third miscarriage and the consultant has send me baby aspirin, I started already but, do you mention one cycle?? do you mean before trying again?? also you said you stop running?? Hope my questions are not too silly. I am 40 and I am very scared not to be able to have another baby, I have already one child. Thanks


starflower - October 23

paty 2008: BFP = big fat positive ++ When I said for the entire cycle with baby aspirin, I meant taking it from cycle day 1 (as opposed to just after ovulation). Apparently it helps build the lining in the first half of your cycle as well as helping with implantation. I was an avid runner during all of my miscarriages, so I decided to take it easy this time (only low impact exercise). I wish you the best of luck and keep me posted on how things go!! Do they know the reason(s) for your miscarriages?


deniseb - October 24

Hi Ladies, just thought I would share my story in order to give you some hope and to never give up. I have had 5 MC's, I have one child 6yrs. My first MC was prior to my pregnancy with him, I was 31. I had my DS at 33. At 35 I started to try for No.2 baby, I have had 4 conmsecutive losses ranging from 8- 12 weeks. I had dc's performed on all and had tissue tested. All came back with abnormalities (trisomies). This is a indication of aging eggs (or bad eggs) which all women have. We have a mix of both in storage. I have nothing physically wrong with me, no genetic abnormalities...clear bill of health. I turned 39 this June and discovered I was pregnant one again, my 7th pregnancy. This on seems to be my miracle, I am 20 weeks and it's a boy. I had no intention of trying again and had decided to try for adoption. The doc's kept telling me to keep trying, but it was so hard. Loss after loss just kills a person. I was so depressed. I hope this pregnancy is my winner. Hope this gives some hope to all of you who are still on this journey. Never give up on your dreams and try to stay as brave as possible. Good luck to all of you.


deniseb - October 24

oh and just to add..I have been on this forum for 2 years now and I can tell you that so many in the same boat as me and many of you on here have gone on to have a successful pregnancy.


cindib - December 13

I thought I would share my story too. I have two children one is 5 and the other is 2 1/2 and I had a miscarriage in between them. We want to add one more to our family to complete it and so far this has proved to be much more complicated then I ever thought it would be. I have had 3 miscarriages in a row now. My doctor is finally willing to do some testing to see if he can help us figure out what is going wrong. I am now 35 years old and I know I am nearing the end of my child bearing years but I figured that I had a little more time. We are planning to try again but my last miscarriage was in November of this year so we are waiting a bit both for our souls to heal and to see what the doctor finds with the testing. I am so sorry to see that there are so many of us in this situation. I wish you luck and also don't give up there is always hope! I believe that I will have one more baby I just don't know how that baby will come to our family yet...... :)


starflower - January 7

i posted here a few months ago after having recurrent miscarriages (and at the time being 7.5 weeks pregnant) so i thought i would provide an update. I am now 19 weeks and everything still seems to be going well. To all of those who have suffered the heartache of recurrent not give up, keep trying!!!! There is still an excellent chance that you will have a successful pregnancy - there are many women on this board that are living proof of that. And if you need support or advice, please post your story as we can all relate to what you are going through and are here for you.


paty2008 - January 7

excelent news Starflower..Please keep us updated. I have now the results and everything seems normal according to the Doctor. However they do point out my age 40. But they put me on baby aspirin,, so I will keep trying. My period hsa been always regular, howevere last month was very late, and I thought I was pregnant, ayway I will continue trying. Keep posting please. It helps.


starflower - January 7

paty2008 - thanks for your post...I am glad to hear that the tests showed that everything is normal, that is very encouraging. Hopefully you will get your ++ soon, I am crossing my fingers for you. One thing they had suggested that we could try if we wanted to was can increase your chances of getting pregnant during a particular cycle (I believe by 25%). Of course it cost $$ (In Canada it's about $500, not sure where you live) so that would be the only drawback. But if you feel like you want to speed up the process because you are 40 it might be something to think about (and obviously way less expensive than IVF). All the best to you in 2009!


Amyt - January 7

Hi everyone, my story is similar to most of you but different in the sense that I have had four m/c but not consecutive. I have two girls and early m/c in between them. Then two years ago I had another m/c at 10weeks and again two years later at 10 weeks, only three days ago, bothe needing DNC'S. I am devastated even though i am truly blessed to have two healthy girls ages 9 and 5. I am 42 which i know i am getting to the point i should give up but this dream of having another child is making it difficult to give up! I'm getting tested to decide if i should continue this struggle deciding to give up but i will let all of you know what the testing shows! I did take Progesterone Suppositories after my first two m/c and i feel it did help to conceive my second daughter so i think their are things we can do to prevent further disappointments but it's still so hard! Thanks for having this support it truly is helping me during this difficult time.


meg - January 8

Collette, I have also had 3 miscarriages and had the docs do an ultrasound after my third and they found a cyst inside my uterus! after having the flu it simply dissappeared!! which was an asnwer to prayer. I would recommend having an ultrasound done if you haven't and the other things they can test is if you have thryroid problems that has been known to cause miscarriages also. The main test they do is chromozonal but they will only do that if you don't have kids already. best of luck in your testing !


tasha9991 - January 20

Hi, I am 24 and have suffered 3 m/c's the first in April 07,then Oct 07 and the last one in Oct 08- we had a gap in-between as we were due to get married in July 08 so we though it best, as you can see I then fell pregnant pretty easily but then mc at 9weeks.I am currently having lost of different test done but still waiting for the Chromosome results to come back. It is so nice to see so many positive endings to some of the storeys and gives me hope that I will eventually become a mummy - I am so scared of falling pregnant again as its so hard to deal with the fain it causes. I have seen a specialist but was not given any answers and they just seem to think its a common thing to happen, I don’t think they realise the impact it has on your life going through this...



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