Pregnancy After 3 Miscarriages

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tasha9991 - January 20

Hi, I am 24 and have suffered 3 m/c's the first in April 07,then Oct 07 and the last one in Oct 08- we had a gap in-between as we were due to get married in July 08 so we though it best, as you can see I then fell pregnant pretty easily but then mc at 9weeks.I am currently having lost of different test done but still waiting for the Chromosome results to come back. It is so nice to see so many positive endings to some of the storeys and gives me hope that I will eventually become a mummy - I am so scared of falling pregnant again as its so hard to deal with the fain it causes. I have seen a specialist but was not given any answers and they just seem to think its a common thing to happen, I don’t think they realise the impact it has on your life going through this...


sarahpenguin - January 20

I'm 23 and had 2 miscarriages. I'm pregnant again and I'm a little over 5 weeks. I am really scared of having another miscarriage. I really just have to trust God and he knows best. As Job said: "The Lord gives and takes away... blessed be the name of the Lord!"


eaglelady2009 - January 23

Hi. I also lost 3 and am 41. My fsh is 13. Am trying again. Takes so much out of you.. Painful... the third was due tomorrow.. I have heard countless stories of people born after miscarriages,etc.. and have met women who tried 10 times, adopted, and then had two healthy babies.. you never know... I don't know how much I could still keep trying. When I look at my husband I see my babies in his eyes! that keeps me trying. I do also want to explore adoption.


tasha9991 - January 23

Hi eaglelady2009 You are so right with what you say there are so many people that suffer and go through what we have and they all morally go on to have perfectly healthy children - I think it is so important to stay positive as they say healthy mind, healthy body - Its just hard and I feel so alone but I think its more common than anyone realises. My husband already has 2 children from a previous relationship and sometime I feel it causes us problems as I resent them for it and I really don’t want to - they are beautiful children but I am so scared I will not be able to give him a family that we both so desperately want.


strwberi - February 15

I just lost my third baby last night and I'm devastated! I really thought this one would stick. First m/c was 12 wks, after waiting 3 months to regulate it took 11 months to concieve 2nd which I lost at 11 wks, then a year to concieve #3 which I just lost at 9 1/2 wks. Definitely going to see a specialist now, couldn't find one that would see me before I had 3 losses. I'm upset because it takes so long to concieve and I feel like I get farther along than most. I just want some answers! Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm 24, hubby has dd from a previous marriage, I got way bad m/s w/ first two but this last one I felt pretty good. I've had fertility blood workups w/ nothing abnormal, although I do get mid-cycle bleeding sometimes but my periods/ovulation are regular. I want my babies so bad! I definitely want to check my progesterone levels, but it seems like if that's the prob people lose before 7 wks or so. Any thoughts? I know I'll be ok eventually but it's so painful emotionally and physically to lose another one with no babies to show for it all...


witchywinny - September 9

I too have had three miscarriages. I had my first at 10 weeks.. I went in with some bleeding - well, a brown discharge the night before my birthday, and blood the night of- and the doctor said not to worry. But I was then diagnosed with a missed miscarriage, which I then had to wait a week to deliver at home. I have since had two miscarriages, both in the 'test week' - a week after first possiblitly to test pregnancy, although every time I was pregnant, I could feel it within a couple of days. I live in Italy, but am Irish, and thay have offered me no tests to explain why I have miscarried 3 times. Tomorrow I am going to a gyn to DEMAND tests. I want to try again next month (two months after last m/c). But I want some info before I do. Any advice from anyone in the same predicament would be SO helpful. I feel SO alone as the doctors only speak Italian and don't seem to care. They have ordered no tests!!!! Thank you for listening!!!!


sarahpenguin - September 9

I last wrote on here when I was 5 weeks pregnant. Well, since then, I delivered a healthy baby boy on September 16th, 2009!!! His name is Isaiah. We are hoping to have another baby soon. Praise God!!!


tasha9991 - September 9

Hello, I have not been on here since Jan 2009 - when i had just had my 3rd mc, i have finally found help in an amazing doctor called Dr Ha__san Shehata .. as i have now lost 6 babies! This doctor is amazing - i have paid to go private - but its worth every penny! He has actually found what he thinks is the problem for me - i have high levels of my Natural Killer Cells - something you may have seen lots about in the media lately??? I would strongly advise you to ask for these test as it seems to be something that not many people test for but its a simple blood test and treated with very cheap steriods ..... i am sending my love to you at this very dificult time strong and think possitive - a healthy mind is very important! I am now trying for baby #7 and fingers crossed when it happens it will all be ok! xx


D D - September 10

I posted above and through 2006. After 2 mc around the same window we were advised to wait 3 months before trying again without using any bc other than condoms. We failed to do so on 2/23/2006 after a bit of drinking at a birthday party for my hubby and concieved again. This was the most stressful pregnancy, because it happened before the 3 months as the doc advised. Although I was hopeful - I worried constantly. After 2 weeks of bed rest at around 34 weeks my daughter was born at 37 weeks. Although she was only 5lb 11oz she was healthy and strong. In reflection as a look back at my cycle over many years I have noticed some odd patterns - six or seven weeks between cycles followed by heavier periods. I think perhaps I miscarried at times when I was not ttc and never realized it. I also had a paraguard IUD prior to ttc - I think (and this is only my opinion) that it takes the uterus/lining a bit of time to get back to normal after having it removed - if you have one give yourself some time after taking it out before ttc - it's better than the heartbreak of the losses. I also learned after the fact that my cousin also mc'd and wonder if there are some things in our family history - but because so few people discuss it I'll never know. I wish everyone one of you all the blessings and luck as you grow your families. It can happen! much love dd


rathna - September 19

Hi iam new to this thread. Iam ttc from 5 yrs. Had 2 failed iui. concieved naturally after 2 months but miscarried. what are my chancesaa of concieving again naturally as my doctor told that i have to go to ivf next


Trilli - October 1

Dear Witchywinny..I am so sorry for your latest loss. I too have had 3 miscarriages, all of them in Italy too! I totally understand your frustration and it's absolutely normal in the circ_mstances. To be honest, I didn't even know what an Hcg level was till my third pregnancy and from looklng on the internet! I know, it sounds ridiculous but in this country you do need to be a lot more insistent. I eventually found a very understanding gynacologist who made sure that I had all the possible tests carried out (in the hospital the doctors had never performed a___lysis on the lost fetus) but I ahd a hysteroscope, genetic testing (for both myself and my partner) and every kind of blood test which finally indicated that I had thicker than normal blood, mthr positive. I am currently 7 1/2 weeks pregnant again (and scared out of my life). I am on cardio asprin, vitamins B1, 6 & 12, high dose folice acid (as my blood asorbs slower apparantly) and progesteron 200 g twice a day. I have heard a lot of women say that the progesterone just delays a miscarriage but I would be happy to hear from any success stories from taking progesterone. The difference I can see between this pregnancy and the others is that this time I have symptoms...I have been so nauseaus, unable to eat very much, abos___tley exhausted and v sore b___sts. I think that as long as the symptoms last you know that things are going along smoothly (i do find myself touching my b___bs a lot to see if they still hurt!!!) Oh god, i hope I keep sane through the next few weeks, it s not going to be easy. It's great to be able to write all this and know that people in similar situations will know how I m feeling. Good luck to all you ladies out there xxx


eaglelady2009 - October 1

Hi everyone, I am sorry to hear of the losses. I have not written in a long time. We had our miracle- a baby boy, conceived naturally- after 3 miscarriages. He was born on August 7th, 2010, and is a joy. I persisted, prayed and trusted my intuition that we would be blessed with a child. We were already looking into adoption when it happened. I still am interested in adoption, but it costs so much! As far as Italian medicine goes- I hear you. I lived there as well. I don't know what they are like in terms of reproductive medicine, but ... The doctors that I saw in my area were very thorough and made sure I was tested for everything under the sun- and I mean everything. My husband's sperm was tested, and as our chromosomes were "normal", etc. ,we kept trying. I hope this brings hope to some of you. If you are near Rockland County, Ny, This Sunday at 1 pm there is a Walk to Remember for perinatal loss with a beautiful ceremony- it is at Good Samaritan Hospital in Suffern, Ny, Rockland County. If you go there, ask Mary (in charge) to introduce you to Rachel Eaglelady


Trilli - October 2

well, latest news on 4th try isn't good. I h levels levels an ultrasound last night and there was an empty sac and not a lot else unfortunately. My gynocologist told me to repeat the hcg test again (I did it this morning) and the levels had doubled yet again, I went from 35,000 to 70,000...I just don't know what to think...anyway, now I have another torturous week of waitig till the next ultrsound next friday...what a total nightmare..anyone had this kind of siutation?? All my best wishes to everyone xx


sarahpenguin - October 2

Eaglelady, Wow! They have a Walk to Remember for women who have lost their unborn babies?! That's wonderful!!! After having my 2 miscarriages, it made me all the more angry that women willingly killed their unborn children! I wanted my children to live so badly and yet there are women out there that would give that up and willingly have a "miscarriage." What a horrible thing. I so glad they're honouring those babies and their heartbroken mothers with a walk.


SBryant32 - October 9

I am truly sorry for all you are going through I have had one miscarriage and I think I am going through another, and it is very hard to think that you can have a successful pregnancy afterwards but my cousin got me through this, she has had 3 miscarriages even one at 4 months and has had two babies since then so there is always hope, keep your faith and you will have the little one that you desire!!!


jfox722 - October 30

Hello my name is Jennifer....I have had two miscarraiges and we are trying to get pregnant again. I dont know what I should do...I have been taking prenatal vitamins for over 6 months. I eat as healthy as possible...I dont know what else to do? I used to smoke socially...maybe 3 a week. but I completely quit 3 months ago...I want to be completely healthy when we are trying to get pregnant again due to my fear of another miscarriage. Is it possible for me to get pregnant again? whats wrong with me? What should I do?



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