Pregnancy After 8 M C

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jewelskeith - July 8

Well today i am 15 weeks, and I seem to worry about everything. What I really need is someone to reasure me everything will be fine. This will be my last time of trying so this baby better stay. Its hard to go threw this emotionaly and physically. I need someone to help or at least try, so if anyone out there would'nt mind helping because I need a really big hand.


Lynne - July 10

Hi there: I just read your post and wanted to check in with you and see how you are. I have not experienced a miscarriage but I did experience premature labor at 24 week, had an emergent csection at 25 weeks but my son pa__sed a month later in the NICU. I just wanted to meet you and let you know I am thinking of you.


NVgirl - July 10

Hi Jewel -- I had a m/c on Halloween and got pregnant again in March and now 18w2d pregnant and understand what you are going through. Hope all is well today.


SaraH - July 10

hi jewelskeith, I'm sorry that you've had so many m/c. I know how scary it can be after multiple m/c (I can’t imagine what it’s like after having as many as you’ve had, but I have had 2 so know what it’s like to be worried about it occurring again). Just remember there are plenty of women who have numerous m/c and still end up actually having a healthy full term baby. I had a professor who told me that she had “a few” m/c before her dd was born, “4 or 5” m/c between her dd and ds, and than had just had another one. So while she has had quite a large number of m/c, she also has had 2 normal happy children. So, try to relax in remain positive - I know, That's easy for me to say right :) - But seriously, try to remain positive, and know that God is with you through this. Remember 15 w is more than 1/2 to the point were the baby is big enough to live on its own're slowly but surely getting to a relatively “safe point.” And while I don't know about the ones you've lost, at 15 w you're beyond the time when the majority of m/c occur so, you’re chances are better then they were a few weeks ago that it will happen for you this time. Hang in there, and I'll be praying for you and you're little one. Keep us posted on how it's going.


redhead125 - July 11

I will say a prayer that everything will go well. I'm in my 6th pregnancy after 5 mc and will find out tomorrow if we made it past 6.5 weeks (haven't made it past it yet). Stay strong! It's so hard not to be consumed by worry after so many miscarriages. Hope is a good thing.


katycali - July 14

My thoughts are with you and hope everything will work out. I have had 4m/c and understand the feeling of the constant worry. Stay strong.


jewelskeith - July 14

Thank you so much for writing me back it means a lot. Iam 16 weeks tomorrow and everything seems fine, i got a little scared yesterday and went to the doctors because of cramping, it turns out so far that it growing pains and there is no blood in my urine so its good news. My doctor figures once i feel the baby my fear will go away. Lynne I feel for you because im a wreck with losing a child so early i could never amagin losing it so far along hugs & kisses, Nvgirl good for you just think almost half way there thinking of you, SaraH thank you so much for the info i need people like you thank you, Redhead125 hang in there i find the more i worried the worst the waiting game I will include you in my thoughts,katycali thank you for the thoughts and hope your next pregnancy is the best one ever!. Sorry i was away for a while but i promise i will check everyday(so then my message isn't a book wide) thanks again everyone!


SaraH - July 17

jewelskeith, glad to hear that you're now at the 16w mark. Hang in there.


ashanti - August 8

here's your rea__surance i have had 4 m/c i delivered twin boys full term live births after two of those m/c so considering you are so far along you'll do fine good luck and god bless



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