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KG - November 18

I went in the my gyn last week for a us at 14 wks to find out there was no heartbeat and the baby was only mesuring 8 wks. I had a d&c the next day and was told to wait one cycle before ttc again. I'm still bleeding one week later. I've read success stories of conceiving 2 wks. after d&c and know the only thing that would make me happy now is being pregnant again. Is it worth ttc again before I have a cycle? We tried before for 10 months before getting pregnant and am scared it will take a long time again.


smmom2 - November 18

KG...I am no doctor....but after talking to LOTS of women on here...most dr's tell you to wait atleast two cycles after a mc. I lost my baby on Oct. 26th and had a suction D&C. The baby was 11 1/2 weeks when it pa__sed. So I can relate, as can all women on here./. I am sorry for you loss. In my opinion it would be best to wait atleast one cycle so that you know the lining of your uterus is some what back to normal. I kjnow it is hard....I too want to be pg again yesterday.....but after a couple weeks waiting for the spotting to stop, you start to think about what is best for you and the future pregnancy. I have heard sucess stories, but have also heard many women have a second mc. so I guess it depends on your body....and who knows it better then you !!!!


mptate24 - November 19

I went in for my 12 week ultrasound on 10/31 and our baby no longer had a heartbeat either. It measured at 9 1/2 weeks. I had a D&C on Nov. 2nd. My doctor told me we didn't have to wait to ttc again we could start trying 2 weeks post-op. He said a lot of doctors try to tell you to wait 1-3 cycles before trying again but it isn't necessary and doesn't increase the chance of having another miscarriage. But that is just my doctor they all say something different but he's a good doctor and we really like him. We are currently trying again and hoping to get pregnant asap. I am sorry for your loss, I am not scared about trying again so soon it just feels right for me. And I don't think my body would get pregnant again if it isn't ready.


lsarn - November 19

KG- So sorry for your loss. The same thing happened to me twice, and it's so heartbreaking. I'm an L&D nurse, so it sucks even more when you see people who can get pregnant at the drop of a hat, and can't even take care of their children. Keep your chin up-it will happen. I'm also not a Dr., but working in Obstetrics for years now, my physician encourages everyone to wait at least 3 cycles. I know the feeling of wanting to get pregnant right away-I'm living it. Also, my OB laughs at me saying-I'll never be able to enjoy a pregnancy due to my losses. He's right-I won't. That's why I found this forum, and It's success stories. Again, be patient- good things come to those who wait! Baby dust/glue


qdogs_navywife3 - November 21

I have had 4 miscarriages. I also have 3 beautiful children one in which we conceived 2 weeks after one of my DNCs. She is now 4 years old. My dr told us we could start trying again 2 weeks post op. Good Luck!!



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