Pregnancy After D C

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tonilee7 - September 9

Hi girls I havnt been on here for a while as I thought a break would do me good and it turns out I was right...just to refresh your memories, I had a d/c on june 21st after a missed m/c..I spent many days on the forum asking question after question about why? then it got the better of me so I gave the forum a I return with good news...after the d/c dh and I decided to ttc right first month waiting and turned up right on que....2nd month same thing af turned up right on que, and by the 3rd month I was thinking there must have been something wrong like most women do after a loss,but then I got that feeling, but because I had had 2 BFN I tried to hold of this time and just wait to see if af came but last night it got the better of me so I went and got the test....And to my surprise it was a ......BFP........but now I am worried sick and stressing that the same thing is going to happen, and that I do not want. Can anyone settle my thoughts of m/c again..have you had a sucsessful pregnancy after a m/c? thanks for taking the time to read this...I wish you all the best in the future.....~*~*~babydust~*~*~


Beija Rene - September 9

If your first miscarriage ever was on June 21st, the chances for you to have a healthy pregnancy, this time, are very high. Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Worry if you have two, three or more miscarriages. The more miscarriages you have the more likely you are to have some kind of medical condition. After two or three miscarriages go see an expert before you get pregnant again. Good luck and lots of baby dust for you and your hubby.


JuJu - September 9

Hi Tonilee - and congratulations! I just wanted to let you know there are many of us girls on this forum who are pregnant again - and I am pretty sure that all of us have our moments where we are terrified (I am 11 weeks preg after 2 m/c's earlier this year). So you're not alone! I am on a thread (Part II: BFP after m/c; cautiously happy) and there are quite a few pregnant women there - one of us (Jen28) is in her 3rd trimester, which is so inspirational. So you are more than welcome to jump on that thread too :) Now that I am pregnant again I am finding I need the support of the girls here even more. Anyway, it's great news that you're pregnant again! juju


Cabbie - September 11

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I delivered my son in June after three miscarriages in a row. I had two children through the use of clomid and then got pregnant three times without clomid and miscarried. Finally I got pregnant a fourth time without clomid and delivered a very healthy (9lb 10oz) baby boy. I too had had a miscarriage/d&c in June of 05. I found out I was pregnant in Oct 05 (when fourth period was due after procedure). All went very well. He is now 3 months, 15lbs and healthy as can be. Good luck.



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