Pregnancy After Ectopic

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Allie - October 13

Hello ladies. Last spring I lost a baby with an ectopic pregnancy (which also took my right tube). After 7 months, today I got a BFP!!! I am approximately 4-5 weeks right now, and the dr. is going to see me next week already! So far I feel good, and although I am a little nervous I am very hopeful that this pregnancy will be ok. I hope this encourages you all to keep trying, and anyone who has advice for this early stage, please share!!


Jody - October 13

Hello Allie, Glad to hear the good news! I was treated for eptopic in August and I am currently trying again! I needed to hear some positive news. I am very scared to try again too. take care


Heather - October 14

Hi I am so pleased for you Allie i suffered an ectopic last October then seven month later was pregnent again unfortunatly i lost my little girl in the second trimester. It's now been over two months since that happened and an feeling postive about the future. this site is great it's got me through some very bad days. Hi Jody I'm worryed to about trying again sorry my message is'nt maybe very postive to you but i think it's being postive that got me through all this. Good Luck


Danielle - October 17

sorry to bring us the bad but can any of you tell me some of your symptoms with your eptopic? did you have alot of dizziness?


Allie - October 20

Well, I'm scared now. I got Tuesday's results back. I thought they looked pretty good. HCG 2474 and Progesterone at 18.6. The Dr has put me on progesterone, though. I left work early when they called to tell me, and cried the whole way home. I am so afraid that something is wrong...


Heather - October 21

Allie, Sounds like you need a big hug. keep your spirits up.


Allie - October 21

Thanks Heather. I dug out my numbers from last night and in comparison I am really doing so well. At 6-6 1/2 weeks last time my progesterone was only 6.2 - the 18.6 is amazing in comparison. I'm trying to have a better att_tude this morning. Just b/c the dr. put me on the progesterone does not mean I am destined to lost this baby. Any prayers are appreciated right now!!


Allie - October 21

Another update - Just heard from the Dr.'s office - my HCG went up to 4371 in just under 48 hours (from 2484) - she said this is looking good!!


Heather - October 22

your HCG have nearly doubled that's great news.


Allie - October 22

Yes, and I still haven't had any bad symptoms - no bleeding or abnormal cramping...I'm really starting to believe I'll get my June baby!! I'm feeling so much more ptomistic than I was a few days ago.


Allie - November 1

Hello Ladies. I wanted to post an update. I saw the doctor again today. The ultrasound measured a fetus 6w 4d with a heartbeat!! The dr. says everything looks wonderful and there is no reason to worry about a problem this time. I hope this wil help some of you to have hope as you continue trying.


Heather - November 2

that's super news Allie, thanks for keeping us updated take care of yourself and best wishes.


colleen arendse - November 14

Hi Allie I had a ectopic pregnancy.On the 04 Nov 2005 I had to have both tubes removed,Is there any chance I can fall pregnant again.I had a laparoscope operation. Thanks Colleen Arendse


Heather - November 17

Hi Colleen i now your Q was for Allie so i hope you don't mind me answering. I'm so sorry for your lost you must be in a lot of pain both mentally and physically. I never lost any tubes but I'm pretty sure you need at least 1 to get pg naturally. What did the doctor tell you? You can have IVF if you still have your eggs. Why did they remove both tubes? if you don't mind me asking. Good luck and best wishes.


Allie - November 22

Hi Colleen. I'm not sure if it is possible to get pergnant naturallywith both tubes removed, but I would look into In Vitro if I were you, as Heather suggested. That is where they fertilize the embrio first and then impant it in your uterus. The succes rate these days in very high for this procedure, and allows you to use your egg and yur husbands sperm, so that you are still able to carry your own biological child. It was something I wuold have considered if I wasn't able to concieve myself. As an update, I am 9 1/2 weeks now and everything still looks good :)



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