Pregnancy After Miscarriage

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crisy - May 18

I had my miscarriage on April 25th. The doctor told me to wait 2 cycle before getting pregnant. My husband and I were not very careful and I think I might be pregnant again. I am worried because I don't want to lose another baby. I have the same symptoms I had when I got pregnant the first time. I go to the bathroom non stop and smells bother me. I have to wait until next week to do a pregnancy test. I don't know if it's my wish to be pregnant that make me have those symptoms? If I am pregnant I am so fearful of having another miscarriage. I don't think I could handle another loss. Please someone help?


TL - May 18

Crisy, I may not be much help, but however I m/c on or around the 17-18 April, that is when i started to m/c, the doctor said at my last appt. that it would be 4-6 weeks before you will get AF. Now with that being said,,, you had yours on the 25th, so you probably won't be able to test until at least 6 weeks, I still have no AF either, and I m/c earlier than you. Sorry, if its not much help.. Good Luck, Healthy Baby Dust to you!


crisy - May 18

Thank you TL. Your words are very kind and they help. Good luck to you too and healthy baby dust.


TL - May 18

Crisy, Your welcome - I have actually posted again, to see how many people had a m/c around the time i did, I hate surprises, and would like to know when to expect to get AF. And if not around when others do, then I should do a test. My hub thinks I am preg again, because I am so Moody lately.. I told him it was PMS. : ) I don't want to get any hopes up, but just don't like surprises, and i have always been one to keep track.


rachel - May 18

I had a m/c in Jan and 8 weeks later due to lack of af i did a hpt and it was pos in April about the 7th i started to bleed and had a second m/c. I know this is probably not what you want to hear but somehow the closeness of the two made the second one easier to take. 4 weeks after my d&c i have my first period and am looking forward to ttc again soon. Hope all works out well for both of you and of course me too. Please post how it's going???


S - May 18

I miscarried on April 25 and have no AF yet. Went to the dr. on May 9 and she said I should have AF in 1-2 weeks depending. Still have no AF. Dr. also said to wait at least one cycle before trying again, preferable two to ensure we knew how far along. Hubby and I are being kind of careful but also feel that a baby is all about timing and if we are meant to get pregnant with today's technology they can certainly determine how far along we are! :-) Will write back if/when I get AF. Thanks!


jo - May 18

i agree with you S, i had a m/c on 24 april, if i get pregnant before my 1st period then it is meant to be. im not planing when i get pregnant again so when it happens it will be the right time for me. good lick to you all x


S - May 18

I agree Jo! I mean I figure the likelihood of getting pregnant fist month w/o knowing when you ovulate is small. I took really good care of myself, followed "the rules" and still had a miscarriage. So, if I am meant to get pregnant and have a healthy baby it will be when the time is right. Whether it be no AF, 1 period, or 6 periods later. Goodluck to all!


crisy - May 18

Hi girls. Thank you for all your support. It means a lot to me all the advice you have been giving me. If it's meant to be then God decides. I also took good care when I got pregnant and I miscarried. When I look back at everything that happened, deep inside I knew that there was someting wrong with my baby. Everbody around me told me that I was too anxious and that I should not care so much. As soon as I found out I was pregnant the cramping and the spotting started. The baby I lost was not meant to be unfortunately. I will keep you posted if it turns out that I am pregnant. I hope to God I am! Thank you again for sharing your stories and thank you for being here to write to me. I really needed this encouragment. Baby dust to all.


rachel - May 19

i went for my post m/c checkup today and the doc told me i should give myself 6 months to get over it. I really don't want to wait and personally feel i am ready now i have had one period since the m/c, any thoughts???


crisy - May 19

Hi Rachel. I think that if you are ready to try for a baby you should do what your heart tells you to do. I did not get my period yet and the doctor told me to wait 2 cycles. I don't know if I can wait. I am not using contraception right now. If you had one period and you feel that it's the right time you cannot prevent faith. I don't know if I'm the right person to give you an opinion because I am desperate to have a baby. If you decide to get pregnant lots of baby dust to you and God Bless you. My husband's cousin had a miscarriage and then she got pregnant right away without having a period in between. She now has a healthy baby boy. Take care honey.


Q - May 19

My doctor initally recommended waiting 3-9 months before trying again. I waited until I had two af's, then went back to him and told him we are trying again. He told me it was my body, and I would know when it was right for me, which is good to hear. I had no idea what pregnancy and all it's worries were like. We're trying again, and now at least i know it's not up to me :)


Christina - May 19

I found that after my m/c I had pregnancy symptoms every month after that, It was a huge psych out for me everytime i thought I was pregnant and it was a false alarm, 8 months later Im still ahving them every month and every month I get my period, i was told your body might take a while to go back to normal after a m/c


Brit - May 19

First of all, I am very sorry for your loss. I too experienced a miscarraige, in late February. We were trying to get pg before my next AF, but it didn't work. But I too had the pregnancy symptoms. I did a lot of research and found out that you can have pregnancy symptoms for a while after having a miscarraige, because you still have HCG in your system. Has your doctor been monitoring your HCG hormone levels? Most doctors do. Anyways, good luck to you. It is possible to have a healthy pregnancy right after miscarraige with no period. So if you are pregnant, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will have another miscarraige. But it is scary. I am now pregnant again, and every ache or pain I feel I freak out. I think the doctors are very tired of me calling. But good luck to you! I hope that everything works out the way you want it to! :) ~B 7W5D


rachel - May 22

hey everyone thanks for the response it's nice when people say what you want to hear. Totally started trying again so here's hoping it all works out for us all this time. best wishes and baby dust to us all xxx


staci - May 23

he ladies, sorry for the losses, I know the pain. I m/c in march and am now 6.5 weeks pg with having no af in between. we saw the heartbeat today and I am feeling somewhat excited, although we saw the heartbeat last time and then 2 days later I m/c. I am hopeful that our baby survives. i am praying for everyone! I fear every ache and pain and cramp...will it ever go away-the fear?


rachel - May 24

hey staci congrats i know with my pregnancies i hoped and wished for a heartbeat that's an incredibly good sign i'm so happy for you got a big goofy smile on right now :) xx



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