Pregnancy After Miscarrige

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milley - September 17

i was wondering how long you should wait after a miscarrige before getting pregnet again. I had a miscarrage on Aug 14 and now i think I am pregnet again. I did not go through one regular cycle. Has anyone else had this happen? Is it ok for the baby? Am I likely to miscarry again?


tmanda1223 - September 26

hi, milley. first of all, i'm so sorry for your loss... i had a natural m/c on march 6th of this year, then got pregnant again about 10 days later (not planned, but an extremely happy surprise!). i am now 29 weeks and 1 day with a perfectly healthy little girl. i have worried pretty much every second of every day, but so far i have had no complications of any kind (knock on wood) and i am finally just loving being pregnant and trying not to freak out over every cramp and contraction (i've had braxton hicks since about 23 weeks). when i first found out about riley i was soooo scared i was going to lose her, but my doctor told me that just because i had the m/c and got pregnant so soon, that was no reason to think it would happen again. if your body isn't ready to get pregnant it just won't, so the fact that you think you are already is a pretty good sign! my advice would be to not look stuff up online about conceiving so quickly after a loss, because it's pretty scary. just trust that everything will be fine; it's a different pregnancy and a different baby and if you were meant to get pregnant then that's all there is to it. :) <3 taryn


Kristin72 - September 26

Wow..that is great advice tmanda1223. I too am in the midst of a miscarriage. The hb of my lo never began beating. I had to take misoprostol to induce a miscarriage at 8w5d. I am going on 10 days of bleeding now. I have had 4 losses b4. Each time a different reason. I have one lo 21 months. I am eager ttc again but will probably wait until I have had on af to try. I think tmanda's advice is right on the ball. Congratulations to both of you and I am truly sorry for your previous losses. I just wanted to make mention that after a previous missed miscarriage I had a D&C then bled for 21 days then had 6 days with no bleeding..then bled again for 16 continued doctor told me I would need a repeat d&C as I had retained fetal products..instead I found out I was pregnant again with my little girl one cycle post D&C. If your body is meant to become pregnant it will..conditions have to be perfect. ENjoy yourselves and try not to stress. :)))



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