Pregnancy After Misscarriage How Long Did It Take

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AsheVienna - April 28

My fiance and i were trying to concieve for four months. 12th of december we were told we were four and a half weeks pregnant, 18th of december we had a miscarriage... we waited til i got my period, which was exactly 30 days after our mc... and had been trying ever since, to no avail... now he is on deployment for 6-9 months, and I just want to know how long it took those of you who suffered a miscarriage to concieve again... And... how can i come to terms with the heart break i still have? If id still been pregnant, our baby would be born around 15th august, and as that date drawns nearer the most intesely sad i feel... and i dont know how to deal with it...


decbaby - May 1

hi ash. as im currently waiting to miscarry as the doc told me that i have a belighted ovem which means that the sac is there but no baby i have to do a d&C and im quite scared of what is to come what i can tell you is what the doc told and that is you can get pregnant after about 2 months after the miscarraiage and you can ask your doc to give you some medine that highers you chances of pregnancy. my heart goes to you as im feeling your pain


TLC1018 - May 1

Hi Ashevienna and decbaby, First off, I am so sorry for your losses. It's such a tough thing to go through. I had a m/c in December at 11 weeks and it was absolutely devastating. We already heard the heartbeat and one day before my 2nd sono, I started spotting lightly. I went to the doctor and they couldn't find a heartbeat. It was so hard to go through everyday. I didn't have a D&C, my dr wanted me to do it naturally, which was such a hard experience and I ended up having to be rushed to the ER. But I can honestly say every day I started feeling better (granted, NY eve was horrible!) and I dont think that the baby that was lost will ever leave my mind, my due date would have been 7/ we are going on a cruise during that time to get out minds off of it. A few weeks ago we found out that I'm pregnant again...I am cautiously waiting this one out, given my past loss, it's hard for me to bond completely yet. Once I feel it's gotten to a safer point, I may feel better about it! I had 3 cycles before I got pregnant again. I never stopped taking my prenatals and really watched what I was eating during that time. Please understand that the pain is completely normal...and it's a very good thing that your cycle came back so quickly after your m/c. Best of luck to you, and if you need anything, please dont hesitate to ask!!!!!


eclipse - May 2

Hi ladies...I'm so sorry for your losses. I can only give you my story. I got pregnant on birth control pills (I had a major malfunction) in October of 2005. I started bleeding in November. Went in, checked levels, then went 2 days later, and had the US to discover that I was further along than they expected and the baby had died at 6 weeks. I had a D & C because my body was not letting the baby go. After the D & C my period came about a month later and I became like clockwork which was weird for me. I started taking prenatal vitamins. I purposely waited for 3 months after my miscarriage, and my LMP was in February and I found out I was pregnant in March. I am now the proud mommy of my 17 month old son. But everytime I look at him, I still remember my first baby, but realize that he needed a protector besides me to watch out for him. I'm glad I waited the 3 months so I could emotionally heal a bit and physically was as healthy as I could be, by taking vitamins, upping my exercise, working on my diet and other stuff. It made me feel at ease when I became pregnant again that I was ready and in a good a place as I could be. I wish you all luck with your future pregnancies, and again, I'm so sorry for your losses. Oh, and I personally feel that the D & C was one of the best moves I made because it made everything fresh and new, and since I had always had problems, it seemed to actually help with my cycle. I know I may be in the minority, but since it was a necessity in my case, I am glad for such a good outcome. I wish you all the best.


maybebaby2007 - May 6

I got pregnant the first time in Mar 06, just a gave it a go.. we couldn't believe it, when I had a BFP straight away! Unfortunately our happiness didn't last long, I wasn't even 7 weeks, I've started spotting and later properly bleeding. We didn't try after that, I've changed jobs and wanted to give it at least 6 months. In Feb 07 we decided I was quite established, gave it another go and the same - BFP on a first try! I was sooo happy, although very cautious. It didn't help, I miscarried again even earlier and quicker than before. Since then it has been a year since and nothing has happened. I'm sorry I hope this doesn't sound too gloomy! I just want to say, it's such a luck of draw. I hope God will not let me wait for much longer for another BFP, and a sticky bean this time and the same for everyone else waiting for their miracles!!! I've cried my eyes out especially after the 2nd m/c, as I thought our chances were even better then, having gone through one. You'll never forget it, but you'll come to terms with it, you will accept it. I often think my babies would now be 16 and 6 months old. It's just sooo hard!! But hope never dies!


decbaby - May 6

Dear Maybebaby, im soooo sorry for your losses but rest a__sured that your angel babies are always with you and that God will grant you your baby hopefully very soon. Good things come for those who wait and you definetly waited my heart goes to you and i wish you dozens of baby dust and a very sticky bean


Fall - May 6

Hi Ashevienna, I had two mc last yr at 9w and 7w. after the first mc I got preganat on the 3rd cycle. And the second mc I got pregnant w/out having a cycle. Now I'm holding my perfect baby boy! Keep faith and relax it will happen.


maybebaby2007 - May 6

Decbaby, thank you so much for your kind words!! It is so uplifting hearing this sort of support. People around you forget very quickly and they a__sume you are just fine. We have no other options, but to get through it. I have started charted this cycle, also used OPKs, so maybe that'll help. I'm also sorry for what you are going through! It is never easy! I wish you very speedy recovery and a healthy baby shortly afterwards!!! Fall: very encouraging story! gives me a lot of hope!



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