Pregnancy After Stillborn

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R V - March 26

Had a stillborn baby at 36 weeks. This was thru c section. Wanted to find out when we can try for the next baby.


Davida - March 28

Hi RV: I am sorry for your loss. We lost our little girl @ 34 wks. I also had a c-section. My OB advised us to wait 7-8mos before ttc. That was June 2004. I Jan 05, we did get pregnat but we lost that one at 6wks in 2 05. I am happy to say though that I am preg again! I have spoken w/my Dr. and she thinks that we can be successful! I will pray for the same for you!


r v - March 28

davida thanks for your input r v


Jessie - March 28

My son was stillborn via C-section on 1/29/05, and my dr. recommended waiting 3-6 months. We will begin trying at 3 months!


noodles mom - April 25

HI, we lost our son on 1-26-05 stillbirth delivered by a scheduled c-section due to breech presentation. No cause found. My Dr. told me upon 8 weeks that it was safe for us to try again as long as we were emotionally and mentally ready. Good luck to you and yours. I hope we will get pregnant again rather soon ourselves


Marie - April 26

My daughter was born via emergency c-section at 28 weeks. She survived for less than 24 hours. She pa__sed away 2 yrs. ago today. My doctor told me to wait between 3-6 months. I got pregnant again after 7 months. He is now 9 months. And now I am almost 4 months pregnant again. Some people just don't understand why I want to be pregnant again so soon. They don't know what it feels like losing a child. To this day, I still miss her a lot and the pain is still there even if this is my 2nd pregnancy after her. No one can ever replace a child that you lost. I am so sorry about your loss and everyone else here. I know how you all feel. God bless you all and your babies.


Hayley - May 4

I'm so sorry for your loss. A friend of mine had a stillborn baby at 38 weeks. She had somehthing called placental detachmentment and the doctors didn't get the baby out in time. Good luck to you and best wishs.


bump - May 5



Celeste - November 17

We loss our baby girl Yasmin at 36 weeks. I had a C-Section. The umbilcal cord wrapped around her neck. My doctor told me that after 6 months, we can try and get pregnant again. He told me that once I am emotionally ready, I should be fine.


justme100 - November 17

Hi, I had my 1st a c-section healthy . I delivered my 2nd at 40wks naturally and he was stillborn. I was told that I can start now if I am emotionally ready. My son died from what they call a "true knot"



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