Pregnancy And Herpes Infection

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abi_77 - November 30

Hi Gals I have miscarried 3 times. I went through all the testing and found out I have genital herpes. I also found out the one of my anti-platelet antibody came out positive. My doctor also told me that I had an active herpes infection when I was pregnant. After some research I found several scientific papers concluding that if there is active herpes infection during pregnancy it produces antibodies towards platelets and this can cause blood flow problems to the fetus and ultimately cause fetal death. Anyway, my question is does anyone on this forum with genital herpes have or had a successful pregnancy?


stefkay - November 30

abi, I don't have it, but did your doctor suggest any type of treatment??? I don't think this means you cannot have children. It sounds like you could use blood thinners and maybe some type of medication? If your doctor has no suggestions, look for a specialist in pregnancy loss. I have a list of ones all over the country somewhere here in my mess of papers so if you ever need help let me know where about you live and I can see if I can find something. Sometimes regular OBs just don't know what to do in high risk situations like this...


abi_77 - December 2

Hi Stefkay, Thanks for the info. I live in southern California (Irvine). Please let me know if you know of any specialist in my area. I appreciate your help.


stefkay - December 2

Damn, I was looking for the list and realized that it was in the back of a book I checked out at the library. I remember is was called "Miscarriage: .....something" (ok I know that isn't much help, huh?) I will keep looking, but at this point what is good is that you are kind of halfway there because you at least somewhat have been diagnosed. Most of the time doctors never find a reason for miscarriages and it looks like so far you already have 2--and they are treatable as far as I understand. I did a lot of research online to find my doctor and what I found to be the best route is to go online and find the universities around you (I believe there is one in Irvine) and then almost every large university is a__sociated with a hospital if they have a med school. They are also much more up to date because they are involved in research and the newest treatments, etc. Look for the ob/gyn, or more specifically the fertility clinic portion. Call them and ask if they deal with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) and if they don't, could they point you in the direction of who might. I think you live in a great area for finding someone!!! I live in Missouri, so I figured I wouldn't find anyone, but luckily I went to the University here and was very lucky to find the dr. I did. You just kind of have to feel it out and it takes a little investigation. I was sooooo distraught after my last miscarriage it pushed me to spend the time researching. It took my mind off of the pain and made me feel like I was actually doing SOMETHING. If I find out more I'll post to you. If you have any other questions please post as I'm on here frequently.


beardtl - December 2

I do have genital herpes and I am 19 wks- having herpes does not mean you can't have a healthy baby- the only problem that may occur is having an outbreak during labor- if there is an outbreak you will have to have a c-section. So to prevent an outbreak i must take Valtrex at 32 until I deliver- If I have an outbreak before then I can take Valtrex or just deal with won't hurt the baby. When i first became preg I had plenty of breakouts b/c my immune system was low but every since around 8 wks i have been outbreak free- i guess my body got used to baby, but to answer your question you can definitely have a healthy baby and have genital herpes- remember one out of every 5 people have herpes so it's plenty of women who have babies with herpes.


abi_77 - December 4

Firstly, thank you stefkay for your ideas. Like you said I have researched university of irvine, medical school and they do have doctors that specialize in high risk pregnancies. Secondly, thank you beardl I am glad to hear your pregnancy is going good. Thank you once again for the info. If you don't mind me asking what happens to you during an outbreak. I am kind of clueless because I was not aware of the symptoms the last time my doctor told me I had an outbreak.


beardtl - December 5

during an outbreak for me I will have a blister(small like a pimple) between my a__s and v____a. although its small it hurts when touched(wiping etc) I have heard and read about other breakouts and mine are mild compared- some people have blisters and lesions. I dont experience any of that- it lasts a few days shy of two weeks but the blister itself only lasts about a week- I have a friend who has herpes and she is pregnant with her third child-all natural births. Hope that helps.


abi_77 - December 6

beardtl, thanks again for the info. I don't get any lesions but I think all I have a severe itching and burning while pa__sing urine.



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