Pregnancy In Uterus And Etopic Pregnancy At Same Time

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saves - June 24

i feel like im the only person grieving the loss of the etopic pregnancy, my prt thinks that the etopic can't survive so its not a baby and think only of the viable one, when im happy about being preg, thinking about the one baby i feel so bad and can't stop crying thinking about the etopic, when im thinking about the etopic, i feel bad about the one viable one has anyone had this happen? has anyone ever heard of this? i go in on the 27 of june to see as my doctor says the etopic dies off on it's own to avoid surgery. im i crazy? should i not think of her as a baby too? yes i feel in my heart its two girls, i have a son, and i knew in my heart he was a boy before my first ulrasound


Eza - June 24

Of course its understandable for you to grieve over your baby!! She is a BABY no matter what her size. It is so normal to grieve over the loss of a twin even when there is still one child left. b/c they are each their own person. Go ahead and grieve and cry its normal and will help your heart heal. Just b/c your sad about your one little one does not mean your not excited about the other. Im sooo sorry for your loss. I understand how heartbreaking and earthshattering it is. My son was stillborn at 20 weeks and we found out at 12 weeks he would not survive.


sam - June 24

Ectopic pregnancies do not die off on their own, and if you let them go too long your tube can rupture and you can lose that whole tube/ovary, or you can bleed's a really dangerous situation, I would get a second opinion right away.


savese - June 25

eza, thank you soooo much for your comment, you have no idea how that made me feel, to hear someone else acknowledge her, i felt like i was going crazy she keeps being called "the other pregnancy" by doctor and prt just pretends there is nothing there.. as far as sam's comment, that's what my doctor said and i just accepted it , he is in the top infertility office in our state, so i just believed what he said.i have an appointment on monday and will ask more questions, thank you both so much,


Tara - June 25

You really need to see another doctor beause Ectopic pregnancies just don't go away.If they gave you the Meth Shot them maybe but they wouldn't give you that if you have a baby in the uterus too because its a keemo drug and will harm your other baby. I just had a ectopic and i had the keemo shot and it didn't work because 3 days later my tube ruptured and i had emergancy surgery and almost lost my life i lost so much blood They took out my left tube were the baby was.I was 8 weeks and we did and still are grieving for or baby.We named the baby and will never forget.


savese - June 25

tara, thanks for your comment, i don't know if it's because i know now about the etopic pregnancy but it seems like i feel "something" on my right side i know i have this horrible pain that runs from my lower ab, down my right leg anyone have this happen? it doen't go away either it's possible it might be all in my head.


Tara - June 25

If your worried about the pain you should go into the hospital to get checked its very dangerous and may help you feel better noing. I came 5 mins from dieing i was lucky i got to the hospital when i did thanks to my husbands crazy driving.


kc - June 26

Saves- Eza is right. You have every right to think of the "other pregnancy" as a baby. I would. As for the pain in the right side it is probably due to the baby in your tubes. I do know ectopic pg are very dangerous. So I would be concerned if your pain gets worse or continues I would go to the emergency room. It's better to be safe than sorry. I'm sorry for your loss.



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