Pregnancy Right After M C

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Jbentley - March 1

I know that most say to wait at least one menstral cycle before TTC again, but has anyone got pregnant on there very next ovulation?


stefkay - March 2

Hi Jbentley, I did once right after my 1st m/c and it ended up being a chemical pregnancy. I've read of several who have gotten pg before next AF and I don't know the exact statistics, but some have m/c'd those and I'm sure some have gone on to have healthy babies. I wish I could be more help...I'm sure someone else will post :-)


sososleepy - March 2

Hi Jbentley, I tried, I tried really hard, but af came yesterday. I'm wondering if it was because of the d&c because I had no bleeding after it, just tiny spotting only when I wiped... I think he sc___ped me down past NOTHING as this af is not much more than spotting and it's usually gross heavy by now (on 2nd day af) so there was nothing to implant in even if the swimmers (and I got those at the right time) met the egg and they got together. Yes, you can get pg after as you ovulate before you get af. If you look back through the posts, some people have, some have not, of the ones that did, some stuck, some didn't. My doc said it was fine to try (and now I'm wondering if he was laughing at me because he knew it wouldn't work?, ok, I'm just mad that it didn't work.... I'll get over it later) Good luck if you want to! My view is if your body's ready it can, if it' s not it won't...


sososleepy - March 2

Oh, and if you want to, start charting so at least you know if/when you O'd and when to start testing (as in 12 days after O give or take a few). I'm really glad I charted now, because when I start ttc for upcoming O and while I endure another tww, at least I can occupy myself with comparing every detail of one chart to the other....


cjay - March 6

My doctor told me that the main reason i had 2 miscarriages in a row was because i didn't wait long enough in between trying. He said there was only a 30% chance to have a successful pregnancy if i waited 1 cycle, a 60% waiting 2 cycles and about 90% if i waited 3.... All i know is that i don't want to take any more chances,so you might want to see what your doctor says about that. If you find anything out good, i would appreciate knowing! Thx and Good Luck!


wantanotheraftertr - March 8

I think it depends on how far along you were. My Re has given me the ok to count day 1 of mc as cd1 as my hcg never got above 75. He thinks I should try right away. I have heard that if the number is higher you need to wait. Do you know what your hcg count was. I am still waiting for my mc to happen he told me it would take about a week. Good luck to you .


cjay - March 8

I'm not sure what my hcg levels were the first time, but the second i didn't even have my levels checked. And automatically he said to wait for 3 cycles to try again.... It's SO frustrating seeing how every doctor says something different!



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