Pregnancy Signs Dissapering

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tgread - October 5

h__lo my first time on this site.i had a miscarriage in august,but 2 days ago got a positive hpt,then again yesterday took 2 more test and both positive with dark lines.but i have noticed that my br___t arnt as sore as they were and almost not at all this other signs except very tired is this a sign of misscarriage? please help.thank you


Laura - October 5

Hello, Think post_tive you will have different symptoms each pregnancy. try not to worry and you should be fine. Congratuations!


Alison - October 5

Hi, I know it's hard not to worry but as Laura said every pregnancy is different and signs can vary so much. Some women have hardly any signs but is does not necessarily imply anything is wrong. Personally I had lots of signs every time I miscarried so it is not a rule we can really go by. I know a woman who had no morning sickness or anything and had a healthy baby boy. Please please don't imagine the worst there is no reason to suppose the worst. I know it's scary after a loss, but after 1 miscarriage you have a much better chance of a healthy pregnancy this time than of another loss. Dark lines is a good sign too-when is your first doctor's appointment? Congratulations on your pregnancy! I pray the weeks fly by for you so you can see that lovely healthy scan and be rea__sured. Take care xxx


tgread - October 5

laura thank you for your support.but as of this morn.having spotting it is light pink and like pms discmfort{yuck feeling little crampy}i cant get into doc.not sure what to think.thank you


allison - October 6

hi allison, thank you for your supportive insight,cant see dr. till nov.{insurance starts then}but i started to have an odd achiness from belly down no actual severe cramps and some light spotting? very worried but hoping for the best!thank you tgread


Laura - October 6

Can you take it easy? I am not sure on your family or work situation. Stay positive.


laura - October 6

yes i can take it easy i stay at home with my 7 year old son.yesterday i lounged around all day {house is a mess!}do you know if some bleeding is ok ? trying to stay pos. everyone on this site is so supportive! its wonderfull thank you tgread


Margo - October 11

hi tgread, I'm 5 weeks pregnant, i had m/c in may. I have the same thing my b___st are not as sore today as they were for the past week. I called my doctor she said that b___st soreness could go up and down. She said that implantation happens during week 5-6 so you might expiriencing some cramping and light spotting. I'm really worried too. Keep me posted on how you doing. Good luck


tgread - October 11

hi margo hope you are doing well.but as for my self i am not expecting anymore.all of my symptems got stronger when i started to spot,then i a began to bleed but not heavy. just alight period.but now all my symptoms are gone. as well as baby. but dont let this get you down because i have read so much onthis site,anything is possible,and things still be good. you hang in there listen to these women, theres nothing they have not been through, they can give you hope , at the very least it will help you through the hard times. will be back soon doing this again,baby dust!.............


syne - October 13

When u have a miscarriage Do u have cramps and then bleed, i was just wondering because i am so worried for a miscarriage


tgread - October 13

hi syne i think it is different for everyone.i know some cramping is normal in early pregnancy.also so is some bleeding.from what i have learned there is no rules as to how these things happen.i wish you the best of luck! tgread


Chandra - October 14

Same thing here tgread. I'm almost 10 wks now and lost ALL my symptoms about 5 days ago. Even the swelling in my b___st has disappeared. I do have a suchronic bleed so don't panic too much. My doc's appt is Oct 18th & I'll be sure to post & let you know what happens. I have had 3 vag u/s with stronge heartbeats so I don't know what to think. Just in God's hand now.


SYne - October 17

Hey I felt my Flutters at 15 weeks and i am 17 weeks 5 days and I don't feel My fluttering but noting is wrong with me i dont feel pain or anythingi feel Normal is this to be concerned i seem very worried about my pregnancy becuz me and my Guy are so thrilled and i dont want to lose this baby this is Out first...



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