Pregnancy With MTHFR

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Faye - January 4

I have had 2 pregnancy losses in 1999 normal conception. After that my period was gone for about a year. The quack I was seeing said this is normal I would just have to wait. Anyway, at the end of 2004 I was started on Clomid, by a different doctor of course). After three cycles I got pregnant. After 4 - 5 weeks I lost it once again, for a total of three. I then went to a fertility doctor. Found out that I have PCOS, Sevre Hypertension with onset of pregnancy, and MTHFR. No one can tell me why my blood pressure is so high. But it didn't start untill I was pregnant. This new diagnois has me clueless. They called one day and toldme to take folic acid, (because my body produced very little), and vit. B6 and vit. B12. I also have two blood pressure pills and Metformin. I sounds like a lot -well it is. But I have always said I would do anythig. My husband and I have been married for almost 7 years. Today is my birthday and well I told my husband I want a baby. We start are first cycle of clomid at 100mg this month. Does anyone else have a problem with MTHFR and does it cause recurrent prgnancy loss?


Kim - January 5

Hi Faye - I'm so sorry for all you've been through. There's a gal on this site named Erin; she was diagnosed with MTHFR and has had recurrent miscarriages. She can probably answer some of your questions. I'm so sorry and I hope they can come up with a solution to get you and keep you pregnant. Take care...


Erin - January 5

Hi Faye, Erin here. Yes I have had 4 mc's over the years, but I also have one healthy daughter. I am currently 6 wks 6 days pregnant again. I had extensive testing after the last mc, and was told I was compound heterzygous (which is akin to being compound homozygous in terms of risk). I went to a specialist and she tested the homocystine levels in my blood. A rise in homocystine levels, which can result from the bodies inability to process folic acid as in people with MTHFR, is what causes clotting problems in the blood, and subsequently miscarriages problems in women with MTHFR. However, my homocystine levels are perfectly normal. So the specialist thinks that's not what caused my problems (one of which was ectopic), although she still has be on FOLTX and baby aspirin to be on the safe side. What is important is that the doctor check your HOMOCYSTINE levels. If they are normal, they should keep looking for an alternative reason, and treat preventatively. If they are high, you should probably be on Heperin in your next pregnancy. Take care!



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