Pregnant 1yr After Last M C Very Nervous

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BeckyBunny - February 8

I used to post here a lot, starting after my first m/c in early April of 2006. I stopped because it actually just made me think about my situation more - especially after a chem pregnancy in july of '06, and then my second m/c, which happened February 14 of 2007. In April of '07 I was diagnosed with PCOS, which was most likely the largest contributing factor in all of my losses, since along with the PCOS comes a progesterone deficiency, for me anyway. So I went on BC and metformin in order to regulate my cycles, and finally went off so we could get back to TTC in November. Third cycle, we got our BFP. I am 4w6d. I'm very nervous, very hardly seems real, with the PCOS and irregular cycles I expected it to take a lot longer to get pg this time around, so the BFP really surprised me. I have a prescription for a progesterone supplement, so hopefully that will help, but I really don't know what to expect. My first pregnancy, I didn't get an u/s until 12 weeks, and then only because the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat. the second m/c, I never went to a doctor. When we went off the pill to TTC, I asked my doctor if she would be monitoring my hcg and progesterone levels when I got pregnant, to make sure everything was ok...and she just said "no, why? it's not necessary." So I don't know when I will get my first u/s, if I have to wait until 12 weeks or what. I'm switching doctors, because mine just does not seem like she cares, she acts like it's no big deal, like there's no risk. I'm transferring to the midwives at Vanderbilt, so I really don't know what to expect there either, but I hope they are more understanding and proactive than my current doctor. So all in all, we're very happy to be pregnant...but I'm very nervous, and I just hope everything goes well.


stefkay - February 8

BECKY! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Yaaaayyy :) I'm so happy to see your post! Of course I understand everything you posted about and I agree 100% you need to switch doctors. From the start give them your whole history and tell them that you want at least one early ultrasound and then another at 12 weeks (maybe ask for the first trimester screening because that means they have to scan you). Anyways, YOU pay for their services so you need to be proactive. You have basically had 3 losses so you really should be having special care. My dr. counted my chemical pregnancies as miscarriages because it just is one more time that shows something is not working (although they are pretty common). Anyways, I'm not glad you have PCOS, but I AM glad you found a reason for your losses. Take the progesterone religiously! I was on 300mg per day of prometrium inserted v____ally and really feel that helped a lot this time. Previously I had only been on progesterone once I think and it was these messy wax bullets that were only like 50 mg per day and all came out anyways. Keep me posted and good luck to you I send you some industrial strength baby glue!!!!! :)


BeckyBunny - February 8

I tried to get a nurse at my ob's office to call in a prescription for prometrium, and she said she would, but then she called back and said she couldn't until they had done bloodwork. **sigh** so I went to my GP today (I love him to death, and he takes walk-ins), and explained the situation...he is NOT an ob...he knows next to nothing about that part of the field, but he listens and understands and took it on faith that I know what I'm talking about, so he sent me for bloodwork so that will be ready for monday, and wrote me a prescription for 100mg prometrium, only enough for 4 days though. I have not taken it, because now I am not sure, what if my ob doesn't think I need the progesterone supplement? what happens if you take it for a few days, and then stop? is it safe? Did you start taking the progesterone supplements before you actually got pregnant, or after? if after, what were your progesterone levels to start with? I know, I have a ton of questions, but I am just so nervous, and I want answers NOW, I want everything to be ok. What's this about a first trimester screening? details, please...=) so I know what I'm asking for and why they have to give it to me when I ask. =)


stefkay - February 10

Hi Becky, sorry I was out of town for the weekend and just got home. No internet access :( Don't take the prometrium if you can't continue it as it will screw up the progesterone levels and your body may think they are dropping. I can't imagine your doc would say no, but he may have other thoughts on it with you having PCOS and stuff. You will be ok, just stress how much better you would "feel" if you had it. My doc didn't test my progesterone levels because he said he puts all of his recurrent miscarriage patients on progesterone as a precaution because overall it has been shown to be beneficial (he does research on it as he works at a university hospital). He said blood tests for progsterone levels are unreliable because the level fluctuates so much that one blood test is like taking one snapshot from a whole movie reel and trying to figure out the movie's plot based on one frame..that is impossible. Does that make sense? The first trimester screening is done between weeks 11-13 and it consists of an NT scan (ultrasound where they measure the back of the baby's neck) and bloodwork. This tells the risk for down's and other trisomies or abnormalities. It is not foolproof so it is usually followed up with more blood work and another scan between weeks 16-20. I honestly cannot imagine in a million years your OB NOT doing just a regular scan before 12 weeks (or at least at 12 weeks) based on your miscarriage history. Because I've had losses my regular ob even does a scan at 7 or 8 weeks, then another at 12 and then one at 16-20.


BeckyBunny - February 10

Well I go to my regular ob tomorrow, so hopefully I will know more then. I can't imagine why she wouldn't at least give me an u/s at 8 weeks, but if she doesn't maybe the midwives will, because I'm transferring to them anyway...I just wanted to get in to get the progesterone supplement as soon as possible, and the midwives can't get me in until the 18th. I feel a little better because my pants are all getting tight and df noticed that my belly is "poofy"...that never happened with my other pregnancies, so I think it's a good sign. So how is your pregnancy going? Have you felt your baby move/kick yet?


chandellina - February 14

Hi Becky, i'm really happy to hear your news and posted over on another thread to you - the one on pg after losses. I just wanted to add that i did take progesterone this time from the day i got the hpt until 13 weeks, plus i took 75mg baby aspirin every day (and still am). my p. levels had been tested before and once were very high but another time very low, so my consultant said it would be a good idea, just in case. i had my first scan this time at 6 weeks 1 day - though i knew it was a bit early was thrilled to see a heartbeat.


stefkay - February 14

Hi Becky! Glad to hear things are going well...I saw you post on the other forum. Things are going well here and tomorrow is 20 weeks! I can feel the baby moving and little kicks. They aren't hard yet, but definitely increasing! :) I find out if we are having a boy or girl tomorrow if the little one cooperates!!! Very excited and nervous...


BeckyBunny - February 15

Ooooh! I will have to go find your regular posts to see if you posted your results. =P My progesterone level was at 16.9....isn't that pretty low?? But I am on the prometrium now, anyway. All of my symptoms except A.) bloated, my pants are too tight; and B.) my b___bs are HUGE! More than usual, and that's saying something, since I am normally a D cup! but otherwise...the frequent urination, food aversions, fatigue, etc..all went away. I'm not sure whether to be glad or concerned. =/


chandellina - February 21

Hi Becky, how's it going? Have you had a scan yet? I have 3.5 weeks to go before my 20 week scan and it can't come soon enough! i was feeling a bit worried last week, not for any reason, but this week my belly is really popping out so i feel better. :)


BeckyBunny - February 21

hey chandellina. Just a few more days until my first u/s. I have been soooooo tired....and having round ligament pain. most places say round ligament pain doesn't come until the second trimester, but that's what the nurse said it was and I asked about it on the first tri. board, and plenty of people get it early.


BeckyBunny - February 27

Well I had my u/s and the bean was doing great, measuring right at 7w (3 days behind, but that's not enough to worry about), we saw the heart flickering away at 132bpm. There is a picture on my ff home page - as always, take out any dashes that appear.


stefkay - February 27

YAY! Becky, that is wonderful to hear!!! I'm so happy that the u/s was great and you got to see the bean, heartbeat and all :) Congrats!


BeckyBunny - February 28

Thanks Stef. =) We were both very excited and nearly cried. I just hope this one is it, you know? Stay healthy, little bean, stay healthy!!! How is your little girl doing? =)


stefkay - February 28

I'm feeling her move on a regular basis which is so awesome :) It seems more real for sure, but I can't believe sometimes I've made it this far. Still each day is a victory for me. You know what is funny is that I am 22 weeks tomorrow and I STILL check the tp every time I wipe? It's like it's automatic or something, lol. geeez!!!! I'm praying for you and am so looking forward to your baby coming into the world!


stefkay - February 28

Oh, I forgot to say that I had an u/s every 2 weeks from week 6 to 14 and the u/s tech would laugh at me because each time I went I'd start crying when she said "there's the heartbeat!" and then she'd start crying, LOL!!! It was very emotional (and stressful) but in a good way :)


BeckyBunny - February 28

The U/S tech said she would see me again at 20 weeks...I'm like...not if I can help it! I want to at least have one more between now and then! I'm going to be interviewing other doctors though, so we'll see what they say. ;-) I'm so glad this pregnancy is working out for you. How awesome to be able to feel her move. I told my df, "I get to feel it at 5 months...but you don't get to feel it til 6 months." LOL! he was miffed.


stefkay - February 28

Definitely interview other doctors or see about (i.e. BEG) for another at 12 weeks, lol :) You could say you want the nuchal scan and I don't think they can deny you that. It is done to test for possible problems like downs and other trisomies. It is done between 11-13 weeks (no later than 13w1d I believe). You'll be fine though, but it is nice to have the later scans to help because as you start feeling better physically it is hard to remember you are PREGNANT! I pinch myself sometimes :) I started feeling her for the first time at 15-16 weeks and Jessie was able to feel the random kick at about 19 weeks so I can't imagine what it's going to feel like at 24+....I'm excited to find out though, lol.



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